Short Form Video Agency

Short Form Video

Looking to create engaging and effective short form videos for your brand? Discover the benefits of working with a top-rated video agency in Los Angeles. Discover the Benefits of Working with a Short Form Video Agency in Los Angeles Video has become an increasingly important tool in digital marketing, and it’s no secret that short […]

Top 5 Things Small Businesses Should Be Doing To Get Found Online

a person using the internet to grow their biz

This question comes up all the time. What do I need to be doing to get my business more exposure online? Here’s a quick summary. Over the coming month I’ll be diving into each one of them. Establish a strong online presence: This can be done by creating a website, setting up social media profiles, […]

Digital Strategies For 2023

With new platforms, new technologies and social media trends emerging every day, how do you keep up? Here are some ideas that might help.

Getting Ready For Black Friday And Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the biggest days of the year for ecommerce businesses and they are a huge opportunity to drive online sales. If you’re planning an online digital marketing campaign for Black Friday, I have a few tips to help you get ready. Test creative Test different images. Test different headlines. Test […]

SpyFu Insider Discusses SEO & PPC For Keyword Analysis

In this episode we interview Jeff Axton from SpyFu, a marketing SAAS company that helps people with keyword research for SEO & PPC. Jeff walks us through how the tool works, gives us some tips and overall industry advice for marketers who want to upgrade their marketing chops.

Learn more about SpyFu at:

How To Scale Revenue In The DTC Space Through Social

In this episode of the Shoponomics podcast, Matt Ramage & Daniel Solomon interview Nigel Thomas from Alpha Inbound, an agency focused on growth and retention in the D2C space. They discuss tactics used for paid social, growth, retention, UGC and more. Nigel talks about various tools he uses in the space and how his agency has helped companies scale revenue with digital marketing.

Ecommerce Check Out Process Review BFCM

In episode 16 we review the check out process for 3 massive retailers, Best Buy, Zappos and Roblox. We find areas that can be improved to make the process more streamlined.

Lego Website Audit

Matt Ramage and Daniel Solomon from Emarketed dive deep into the Lego brand. They go over the user experience, page speed, SEO, search results, Facebook ads and more!

Tools used:


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Facebook Ad Library

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Poly Website Audit

In Episode 14 we look at the Poly brand and talk about the following areas: – User experience – Website speed – Facebook (Meta) ads – Google Shopping results – And more!

Today’s episode features Daniel Solomon and Matt Ramage from Emarketed.

Sites mentioned on today’s show:



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Influencer Marketing Interview with Yash Chavan from Saral

In episode 13 of Shoponomics we go deep into influencer marketing with Yash Chavan from Saral. We discuss why brands need to influencers to grow and how if done properly can skyrocket sales. Yash talks about various tools he uses and gives us an overview of the new Saral platform.

Yash also reminds us that influencer marketing has been done for much longer than we expected.

To learn more about Saral visit:

And they have an extensive library on all things related to influencer marketing here:

Connect with Yash Chavan here:

Cameron Matthews from Made By Das

In this episode we talk to Cameron Matthews from Made By Das about audience development and email marketing. We discuss Klaviyo, flows, triggers, pop ups, resends, Shopify, Facebook ads, look a like audiences and more.

Harvey Hodd From Blueprint Interview

Today we interviewed Harvey Hodd from Blueprint and learned more about his company and how they’re helping DTC brands grow revenue through SMS.

Cricut Website Review

We dive deep into the Cricut brand and look at ways they can improve their user experience. We also look at the tech stack, Facebook Ads, page speed, accessibility and more.

Victorinox Ecommerce Review

In episode 9 we review the famous brand, Victorinox. We look at their website, Facebook ads, tech/marketing stack, Google search results and Google trends.

Waterdrops Website Review

In this episode we review the waterdrops ecommerce website and look at what works and what could be improved. We also dive into the site speed, Google Shopping results and more.

Shoponomics: Jeff Byer Interview

We dive deep into marketing ecommerce with Jeff Byer and learn from his 25 plus years of experience in marketing and building websites. We cover Shopify, plugins, tactics, and more.

Shein DTC Deep Dive

In this episode we look at the Shein brand and reivew their website on desktop and mobile and provide insights on how to drive conversions. We also look at their Facebook & Instagram ads.

Marketing & Brand Audit: Allbirds

In this episode of Shoponomics we dive deep into the Allbirds brands and look at the user experience on the home page and a product page. We also look at their tech and marketing stack, Facebook ads, site speed and SEO.

DTC Marketing & Brand Audit: BarkBox

In episode 4 we dive into BarkBox, a monthly subscription service for pets. We look at the brand, website, tech/marketing stack, and their Facebook Ads. We also dive deep into the order form and copy.

D2C Ecommerce Marketing Strategies

When the COVID-19 pandemic first started, we saw more consumers than ever before turn to online shopping, leading to unprecedented growth for online shopping channels.

D2C Brand & Marketing Audit: Mammut

In this video we dive deep into the Mammut brand and look at what’s working and what could be improved. We also look at their social media profiles, user experience, marketing funnel and more.

Herschel D2C Brand Marketing Audit

In this episode of Shoponomics we review Herschel and look at mostly there strengths. We discuss the website user experience, Facebook Ads, Google Shopping, the tech/marketing stack and more.