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Since first opening our doors in 1998 Emarketed has contributed to hundreds of successful digital marketing campaigns. Based out of Los Angeles, we provide high-level support and expert marketing services for small businesses.

As a digital marketing agency, we track our success using one simple metric: have we increased revenue for our clients? For the hundreds of businesses we’ve worked with the answer is a resounding yes.

Matt Ramage
With over 25 years of experience marketing websites Ramage helps companies grow revenue through proven digital marketing strategies. Matt has worked with companies from all types of industries from direct to consumer to healthcare providers. He continues to provide his clients with high ROI and managed web services. Today Matt manages his 100% remote work force from Los Angeles.
Daniel Solomon
Daniel is a doer of things. Need something designed? Daniel’s got you. Need something built? He can get it done. Don’t know exactly what you need but have some ideas? Daniel can take all of the pieces and put them together into something amazing. He’s been part of the Emarketed team since 2013 and brings over 25 years of experience to the table. It’s impossible to accurately describe or adequately define exactly what it is that Daniel is—god or machine? alien or mutant? regular guy or international spy? What is clear is that clients love whatever it is that he does for them and keep coming back for more.

I have worked with people my entire life in sales and education across 3 different countries learning how to invest in foreign real estate while learning that investing in foreign countries should never be about what I can ultimately extract from the situation but how it adds to the landscape, culture and environment overall. What am I presenting to those who can benefit from what I am able to offer and who would appreciate those efforts? In that framework we work together through all endeavors regardless of size or time, and we build together with aims for generations to come. My passion as a result has always been to build up others and to pay attention to what they can teach me in the process, resulting in stronger bonds that produce more effective results . I moved back to The States from abroad December 2019, 3 months before the covid outbreak to help my aging parents maintain their 5 acre fruit orchard consisting of Avocados, Cherimoya, Fuyu Kakis, Dragon fruit, oranges, chickens and my dads passion, bees scattered around So. Cal Avocado orchards, and it has resulted in one of the best decisions I have ever made.


After quitting his pizza delivery job at 23, Cole set out to create a business that helps to fuel his artistic endeavors in music and film. For the past 8 years, Cole has built multiple businesses in photography and videography as well as taught other artists how to make money as a creative on YouTube. Cole specializes in photo/video strategy and consults in making sure we create content that helps to tell any brand’s story.


Kavita is an experienced SEO specialist with 7+ years of expertise in improving organic presence. She develops and executes effective strategies, optimizing website performance through keyword research and technical SEO enhancements. With a deep understanding of search engine algorithms, Kavita drives organic traffic and enhances search engine rankings, delivering exceptional results for clients.

Pranay is here to assist in building and measuring your digital marketing strategies. He has been involved in the digital marketing industry since day one of his career and has no plans to stop. With a passion for data-driven marketing, managing diverse teams, and delivering high-performing digital campaigns, Pranay consistently strives for excellence. His hunger as a digital marketing expert is fueled by delivering powerful growth for his ambitious clients.
Bhavesh, with 15 years of experience and multiple success stories, has been leading innovation in the digital marketing domain. He assists and advises global businesses in creating digital strategies that are backed by analytics to drive performance and create customer delight stories. With his proven methodologies and custom processes, Bhavesh has helped clients achieve their goals time and again. His cross-channel digital marketing expertise enables him to generate qualified traffic, generate leads, and grow audiences multiple folds. Bhavesh’s greatest assets are his expertise in mentoring, marketing, and creating momentum. His mantra is, “If not passionate, then why?”

Edvin is an experienced digital marketing specialist with over 5 years of experience. Known for his expertise in crafting and executing effective online strategies. Edvin’s deep understanding of consumer behavior, market trends, and emerging technologies sets him apart in the industry. He has an innate ability to develop tailored digital campaigns that resonate with target audiences across diverse industries.

Mayuri, with a handful of years in the digital marketing domain and a dozen successful projects, has confidently mastered search engine optimization. With proven methodologies and custom processes, her digital marketing strategies consistently exceed clients’ expectations. Mayuri firmly believes that understanding the “why” of things is more important than understanding the “what” is happening. Her excellent data and consumer research skills enable her to uncover the underlying reasons behind trends and leverage those insights to boost digital impact. Mayuri’s cross-channel digital marketing expertise empowers her to enhance websites, services, products, and new product launches.
Emanuela is a marketing professional with a proven track record of extraordinary achievements in developing and implementing new digital marketing plans, managing advertising budgets, and coordinating Marketing Interns. Provided market research, forecasts, campaign results, and consumer trends. Highly adaptable with written, creative analysis and problem-solving skills, and a background in diverse corporate environments including direct marketing, financial, retail, and communications industries.

Eric is an experienced B2B SaaS copywriter and marketing strategist with over 10 years of experience working with SaaS startups, mid-sized companies, and the enterprise across a variety of industries, including telecom, fintech, cybersecurity, AI, and more.


Prince is a seasoned marketing consultant with a decade of experience working with global brands like Canva, Adobe, WonderShare, and LoginRadius. Specializing in digital marketing, paid ads, and online reputation management, he has a proven track record of boosting brand revenue through innovative strategies.


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