Working for Clients vs Collaborating with Clients

Working for Clients vs Collaborating with Clients

When you provide a service your clients expect you to work closely for them in order to achieve their goals. Retaining clients means not just working for them but listening to their needs and feedback so that you can collaborate on a project that will be satisfactory to them. Client collaboration can be the main factor that determines whether someone will want to work with you again.

Collaborating with clients means keeping the lines of communication open and encouraging them to bring their own ideas to the table. Instead of maintaining complete control over how a project is completed, you can be flexible and incorporate their suggestions throughout the process of working with them. Clients will appreciate the fact that you continually look for your input instead of retreating to work on a project and providing occasional updates.

When you work closely with clients there are a number of mutual advantages that make the whole process easier. You can make decisions faster, get an early opinion before spending too much time on an idea, avoid misunderstandings or miscommunication while creating a much clearer dialogue. Clients will also have a greater sense of ownership when the project is complete which will make them feel good about working with you.

Ultimately, collaborating with clients helps build trust with them so that they know you have their best interests in mind. The relationship can move beyond simply fulfilling a contract and become a long term partnership. They might keep you in mind for future projects or recommend you to others because of your personal touch.

Collaborating allows both parties to learn from each other and create something that they know will be effective. The more you allow your client to be involved in what you do the better the outcome will be for everyone involved.