UI and UX… What’s the Difference?

UI and UX

The world of design can be categorized in different ways and one of the distinctions that can be helpful to learn about is UI versus UX. When people refer to UX they are talking about User Experience Design while UI refers to User Interface Design. Both elements work together and are equally crucial in the creation of a complete and effective design.

The world of UX design is a more technical and analytical field while UI is more focused on graphic design. UX has more to do with the function of a product such as the code that gives it structure and UI is related more to the presentation and cosmetics of it. The two are both equally important to a product’s success and each would not be able to exist without the other.

Essentially user experience design or UX is the process of enhancing customer satisfaction by improving the usability, ease of use and pleasure of using a product for customers. Products that are functional and easy to use have a good UX design and tend to work better for businesses. The UI of a product as more to do with appearance and how it represents the brand which can also be very important for customer satisfaction.

When it comes to product design, functionality as well as the look and feel need to be the highest level in order to achieve more success. The balance of both types of design can determine how customers interact and enjoy a product. Something needs to be easy to use and look great otherwise you risk negative reactions from customers.

UX and UI designers work closely together to make a product that works great, is aesthetically pleasing and most importantly appeals directly to customers and sells well.