Top 5 Live Streaming Solutions For Pros

Top 5 Live Streaming Solutions For Pros

2018 is not just an era of videos, but also a more urbane form of the same is popular these days – Live videos. From business and marketing perspective to career and entrepreneurship, live videos are ubiquitously offering the superlative ways to reach a wider audience base. The early adopters took no time to realize that a trending tech like video streaming solution would aid them to achieve a stable hold amongst their audience, ultimately enhancing their economy to the desired levels.

It is being keen-sighted as a chief tool to gain the attention of the impending prospects. Eminently, with a CAGR of 18.3%, the live video streaming has geared itself to grow its market from $30.3 billion (as recorded in 2016) to $70.5 billion in 2021(source).

Enterprise video streaming- growth in several verticals
Currently, the audience for entertainment (53%) majorly consumes the live streaming videos. However, there is no shortage of viewers in other spheres as well: Media (41%), Social Sharing (30%) and Sports events (29%). A recent utilization of live streaming solution by professionals in the education industry has led to an exploding growth of live streaming business in the current scenario.

The major reason for this escalation is the height of engagement offered by different live video streaming platforms in the market. They are continually fulfilling the audience’s desire to see real-time videos and interact with the presenter at the same time. By offering a seamless communication channel with the brands, the Enterprise video market will collectively reach the $41 billion mark by 2022.

What should you expect from a professional video streaming solution?
Being an individual broadcaster, you always have the scope for experiments, and you can try out live streaming on free platforms like Facebook Live or Periscope. However, while perusing live streaming as a profession or when streaming for a brand, you should favorably opt for professional grade solutions.

There are aspects that critically matter when you are a pro live streamer: security of the consumer data, level of personalization for your audience, features for seamless interaction and options to enhance brand visibility. You cannot expect a free platform to fulfill all these aspects on a professional stage.


Top live video streaming solutions


1. Vimeo Live
Vimeo introduced the live streaming capability to its platform after acquiring Livestream in 2017. It offers a professional grade live streaming solution where you can instantly start streaming using a video camera and an RTMP enabled encoder.

It offers some rich and powerful set of features like-

The entry-level pricing for Vimeo Live starts at $75 per month. You can upgrade the plan to Enterprise package ($999/month) that offers advanced features like Advanced Content Access Controls, Dedicated Account Manager, Dedicated Event Support, Branded OTT Apps, and Pay-per-view & Subscriptions.


2. Brightcove
Brightcove has been designed to not just offer a platform for live broadcast but also to focus on video marketing with advanced ways of monetization.

It comes with professional-level features that include-

The base pricing starts at $199/month. It offers basic video marketing tools and analytics. However, you can switch to Enterprise communication pack at $499/month that offers advanced security features with unlimited viewers onboard.


3. StreamNow
StreamHash started its turnkey live video streaming solution, StreamNow, in 2017. The brand primarily specializes in offering innovative tech in video streaming sphere, helping businesses to get their OTT services up and live instantly. StreamNow is an exceedingly scalable streaming software that offers all the necessities for professional broadcasters. It is a perfect tool for entry-level broadcasters with less technical expertise.

It offers-

It comes with an aggressive pricing and just a one-time cost with free upgrades and maintenance. You can own the solution with the ‘Deluxe’ plan at $499 and ‘Ultimate’ plan at $999, which also offers mobile streaming on iOS and Android devices.


4. JW player
Began as a video player, JW player has extended the features to support live streaming. With its instant hosting, you quickly stream live events to your audience on any device. It offers a steady viewing capability to users across the platforms supporting HTML5 as well as Flash.

Its features mainly include-

Its premium plans start as low as $50/month offering live streaming and hosting for around 1,500 videos and 150,000 sessions. It also stretches its plans to ‘custom enterprise plans’ for corresponding prices.


5. Bambuser
The Sweden-based live streaming service allows users to create, manage and share live video streams through a centralized dashboard. You can also categorize and store videos for later use, or can instantly host them through RTMP or SDI. It mainly focuses on easy integration, user-friendly tools and uninterrupted streaming with the minimal maintenance and infrastructure required.

It offers the features like-

The base package costs $39/month. You can use top-ups for more options and extended viewer limits with additional cost.
The medium package is available at $499/month
You can get the large package at $899/month.

PS: Bambuser is at the verge of being replaced by an exclusive mobile streaming solution, Iris, available at $599/month.

Depending on your business’ requirements, the viewer base target, storage, affordability and additional customization options catering to your audience, you can choose among the options as mentioned above.