Super Bowl Social Media Strategy


The Super Bowl is an event that brands can take advantage of to get attention from the large audience that tunes in to watch the game every year. Millions of viewers watch the Super Bowl and marketers are always looking for ways to interact and engage customers in the days leading up to the game. Social media is a great place to become a part of the conversation and promote your products to the Super Bowl audience.

One way to get customers involved is to create a hashtag about the game and have a contest that they can participate in. You can find a way to link your product to the game and ask users to post their own content for a prize. Giveaways and prizes can be a great way to get people involved in your brand and become more familiar with your products.

Snapchat can be critical for promotion during the Super Bowl because people use the app most often during social events. You can create a lens or a filter for the game to increase your visibility and get your target audience to interact with your brand. You can use Snapchat’s Snap to Store tool to measure how many people visited your store location after using a filter.

Pinterest can be another great social media tool for the Super Bowl as many people plan their parties using Pinterest boards. Brands can advertise their products on Pinterest especially if they are a food or drink brand or offer party-related products. Focusing on Pinterest in the week prior to the game can be the most effective strategy.

During the game, users tend to want to post and share their reactions about the event. You can time brand posts on Facebook and Instagram during points in the game where people are more likely to share, such as right after a touchdown.