Strategies to Promote Brand Loyalty

CustomersOne of the goals of most businesses is to foster brand loyalty among customers so that you have devoted fans who will continue to choose you over your competitors. However, brand loyalty is harder to develop in the modern marketing world even with loyalty promotions and programs offering customer rewards. In recent years these types of programs have increased exponentially but a recent report shows that they may be less effective at customer retention because of the sheer volume of loyalty promotions. It may be harder than ever now to create and maintain relationships with customers who expect consistent and relevant experiences both in person and online.

Using First Party Data for Better Interactions

In order to create brand loyalty it is important to know and understand modern consumers so that you can have more positive interactions with them. Utilizing access to first party data can help you create a people-based marketing approach so that you have more personalized interactions with customers that help to develop their loyalty to your brand. One strategy for people-based marketing is to use addressable advertising that appeals to each customer’s personal interests. Instead of using traditional display ads that have a very low click-through rate, you can use ads that target known customers. Using first party data you can create addressable media that engages with customers on a more personal basis. Using display ads that target customers based on their current interests and interactions can help develop their loyalty.

Personalizing Customer Experience

Another way to use first party data to your advantage is to gather information from everywhere customers interact including email, internet, mobile apps, or from CRM and POS systems. Using all this data from different sources you can start to create a 360 degree profile for each customer so that you know more about them and can target advertisements accordingly. A more holistic view of your customer can help you more effectively deliver messages where, when and how these consumers want them to create a relevant interaction. One of the most important ways to create brand loyalty is to personalize the experience for the customer so that they keep coming back. Every interaction should be personalized to them so that they are more likely to engage and choose you over competitors every time. Your first party data provides you with valuable information that can help you develop a more personal marketing approach that wins loyalty and trust from every one of your customers.