Social Media Management vs Community Management

Social Media Management vs Community Management

Businesses that are working on social media campaigns often use both a social media and a community manager to help develop their brand. Although the two jobs may seem synonymous, they actually play very different roles and both have an important contribution to make to social media marketing. Using both can help employees share the responsibilities of your brand’s efforts on social media.

A social media manager is someone who helps develop and create the brand that you present online. They are the ones responsible for creating content, writing copy for posts, and engaging with followers on your various social media platforms. They understand and are able to represent the brand in everything that they manage online, acting as the person behind the curtain of your social media accounts.

A community manager on the other hand works actively to advocate your brand and reach people on social networks. They use their own social persona to connect with people in the online community and try to find potential customers to be interested in your brand. Community managers are more often dealing with people that aren’t familiar with your brand and they advocate for you in order to boost awareness.

In a sense, social media managers act as the brand and community managers work to expand the brand. Each role can be different depending on the company and they may be responsible for a variety of tasks. Social media managers create campaigns and work on strategies while a community manager has conversations with people online to build visibility for the brand.

Having both a social media and a community manager can help you ensure that your company has effective content and campaigns while also working to reach as many new people as possible. Creating a brand and advocating for your brand are two essential aspects of social media marketing.