Slack VS 5 Alternatives

Slack VS 5 Alternatives

Many modern businesses enjoy the benefits of using a messaging service like Slack in order to chat and collaborate with coworkers. However, Slack isn’t the only option for this type of communication tool and some are turning to alternatives to help facilitate workforce interaction. Here are some of the best alternatives to Slack.

1. Fleep
This communication tool is useful in its integration of email as part of its features instead of trying to replace it completely. Users can chat through their email inbox using Fleep and still use the regular email format to communicate.

2. Google Hangouts
Although it is not a free service like Slack, Google hangouts but it is an effective tool for sending direct messages and communicating with coworkers. Google Hangouts uses “rooms” as thread based conversations for people to collaborate on projects or ideas.

3. Workplace by Facebook
While Facebook isn’t a traditional platform to use at work, it actually has tools available for collaboration so that a team can live chat even with other companies. Chatting with outside companies can minimize some of the issues that come up with more traditional email conversations.

4. Microsoft Teams
As part of the Microsoft Office 365 tools, teams allows companies to use instant chats, audio/video calls and other features. Microsoft teams is mainly used in larger enterprise companies but smaller companies can use the free version of the tool if they don’t have a Microsoft plan.

5. Stride
Many people use Stride as a free version of group chat, video conferencing and other built-in collaboration tools. It has unique features to increase productivity such as isolating and saving specific tasks from conversations.

While Slack may be the most well-known workplace chat tool, there are plenty of equally useful alternatives that make it easier for coworkers to collaborate and share ideas.