4 Reasons For Small Businesses to (Still) Blog

In today’s busy world (online and offline), it’s not uncommon to think of shortcuts or things that can be cut out completely. Unfortunately, blogging isn’t something that can or should be swept under the rug. Despite blogging’s diminished role in SEO, its still useful, especially for small businesses. Here are 4 good reasons you should still continue business blogging:


1) Increase website traffic

Blogging is a good way to regularly publish time-sensitive content. This is important as it encourages readers to come back and check for new posts. Readers that spend time on the blog are more likely to click through and visit other portions of your website. Search engines also appreciate frequent blog posts. But remember that quality trumps quantity. It’s better to produce 1 or 2 good posts a week, rather than aim for blogging every day, or even every other day!

Blogging allows you to cover topics related to the main pages on your website. This means that you can cover small topics or go more in-depth into another topic. Although this might not be appropriate on your main website, it’s perfectly suited for a blog post.

2) Helps your website get crawled and indexed faster by Google

Having a blog attached to your site, whether its /blog or blog.domain.com, will essentially help your website get crawled and indexed faster than just a static web page without a blog. Because of the time-sensitive nature of blogs, search engines tend to crawl and index them faster. This is good because Google will recognize your current blog posts more quickly. And it will also recognize and help with optimization when crawling links to the pages on your site.

3) Gives you content to share on social media

Don’t be dead in the water when it comes to social media. If you’re feeling burnt out and tired of sharing the same old pages to your website, think of how your followers will feel. Blog posts are often fuel that feeds the fire and keeps your social media updates steadily streaming. Sharing these posts can lead to engagement, increase in brand awareness, and blog/website traffic growth.

4) Involve your community and peers

Engagement is a huge driving point of blogging for small businesses. Whether it’s an additional “Like”, comment, or a potential employee visiting your blog and liking what they see, having an updated blog is key to any business’ online marketing campaign.

Activity on your blog or social media shares, helps your business be part of the online community. You can extend that reach to real life because your blog gives you the opportunity and platform to post about causes or local charities or even other businesses that you’re passionate about. Blogging (and social media updates) about your favorite coffee shop or pizza place down the street helps give readers something they can relate to and connect with. With that being said, here’s a shout out to all the great restaurants in Eagle Rock. Don’t be afraid to show your local pride!

Get Over Your Blog Hangups and Start (or Continue) Today!

The hardest part of blogging for your business is setting aside time to do it. Remember, it’s not about trying to write for search engines. Appeal to your readers! So, try to fit blogging into your busy schedule or let us know if you need help!

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