Real Time Event Marketing

Real Time Event Marketing

With changing technology, people expect things to be instantly available, convenient and easily accessible. Businesses need to meet those needs by providing customers with the immediate information that they need and simple ways to take action. That’s why real time marketing is so crucial in today’s advertising world.

Real time marketing means advertising that takes place in the moment and connects to your audience at an important or ideal time. This is especially useful for social media posts because they tend to be more effective when they take place as an event occurs. Instead of posting an album of photos after an event has ended, with real time marketing you can share media as the event is happening and get more people involved.

When businesses use real time marketing it can still require a lot of special planning even though it appears to be spontaneous. The company will need to brainstorm the best strategies for letting people know about an event and responding to their feedback or questions as it is taking place. If you plan your real time marketing strategy well you can incentivize more customers to attend or participate in your event.

One useful tool for real time marketing is to share a live stream video of your event as it is happening. You can prepare by letting people know about the live stream ahead of time and planning out what aspects of the event you want to showcase in the video. You can also use other tools like pictures, links, promotional codes and other types of media to give people useful information they might need.

As you practice real time marketing, it is important to stay connected with your audience and respond to comments and questions in real time as well. Customers will enjoy being engaged with your event and will be more likely to attend in the future.