Reaching Customers through Geolocation

Smart Phone With Map And Geolocation. 3d Rendering ImageMobile has been one of the most transformative technologies for marketers with numerous opportunities to reach people through their smart phone use. Location based marketing is now a huge element that many in the advertising world are not utilizing to its full extent. What makes tools like geolocation important to marketers is that it can provide the chance to be relevant, contextual and helpful rather than producing advertisements that people don’t want to see. Using location data for advertisements has been proven to improve campaign performance by as much as 45 percent. Geolocation has become a part of a consumer’s routine in their everyday life and it represents a useful tool for marketers to connect with people based on where they are and how that relates to their buying decisions.

Location Information for Consumers

Consumers use geolocation as a way of looking for a place to eat or drink as well researching products while they are in a store. Their smart phones are something that they rely on to help them make more informed decisions as a consumer through information related to their current location. Marketers that provide product information and content based on location can give customers a more valuable interaction in real time. Research has shown that 72% of consumers will respond to call-to-action advertising messages when they are located near the retailer. It is surprising that with this data only 23% of marketers are using geotargeted data in their mobile strategies. Marketers incorporating geolocation strategies will be taking advantage of a huge opportunity.

Advertisements and Alerts

Marketers can use geolocation to alert consumers about promotions, gifts or sales to help drive customer loyalty. Incentive campaigns can include some type of alert using geolocation data to reach people near the retailer. Marketers should develop and implement an effective geolocation strategy to stay relevant and take advantage of a modern advertising tool. Competitors may already be involved in strategies known as geo-conquesting where they target other similar brands’ locations with their own aggressive offers to local consumers. Creating your own geolocation campaign can help prevent other companies from taking over the market share because they are more adept at using mobile marketing tools.