6 Reasons to Consider Using Podcasts to Grow Your Business – And How to Do It

6 Reasons to Consider Using Podcasts to Grow Your Business - And How to Do It

When most businesses launch, they usually have a strategy in mind – go the traditional awareness way and then, leverage social media.

Whenever they’ve exhausted all options and ask me what next to do though, I find out that many of them are yet to explore the sheer opportunities provided by podcasts. This is a very shocking development for many reasons.

For one, 49% of Americans (aged 12 and above) admit to knowing what a podcast is, and no less than 33% of them have listened to at least one before. The numbers get more interesting when you find out that some 65% of listeners have purchased something promoted on a podcast than elsewhere.

It is thus a wonder why marketers who spent a paltry $90 million in podcasts ads as at 2014 are now projected to spend more than $400 million by next year (2019).

But then, even if these podcasts are recording such amazing numbers, how do they help your business?

1. Higher Engagement Rates

The thing with other forms of marketing (website, Facebook, twitter, etc.) is that you have to always get in front of your audience with new content. That is not the same with podcasting as you can keep them engaged without their visiting your site at all.

Anytime you drop a new podcast, it is automatically downloaded to the consumer’s favorite device. Given that the average American spends 25% of their total audio time on podcasts too, that means better results for you.

2. Low Entry Barriers

Podcasting is one of those forms of outreach that you can start with little to no experience. People out there are podcasting just for the fun of it, and businesses are getting in on the trend too.

Software and hardware requirements are equally not overwhelming. You can even scale up as you go higher in your business.

If you still want things done professionally, you won’t have to break the bank. You can find a handful of good Phoenix sound mixers to help you take your podcast from an amateurish level to that professional audio output level you desire – in no time, and at not much cost.

3. Brand awareness

If I haven’t already mentioned this, podcasting is one of the most natural ways to drive quality organic traffic to your website. With the amount of engagement the platform brings, there is no doubt about it being one of the unique ways through which you can spread your brand awareness further.

Podcasts can also be shared on different distribution platforms. This allows you put your podcast onto more visible sharing platforms. From here, all roads lead to a greater brand visibility.

4. Passive Consumption

4 Passive Consumption

Have you ever thought about how busy your audience might be? Not all of them, but quite a handful of them?

These ones might not have the time or patience to browse through your website content or social media updates, but they can always consume your podcasts passively. That opens up a new market for you with such people, allowing you to break into their own space.

5. Highly Effective

All of these benefits of podcasts would mean nothing if they didn’t hold any promise for your business. That is why it is important to reiterate how 63% of podcast listeners claimed to have bought something that was advertised to them.

It is also important to note that up to 88% of all those who are subscribed to your podcasts will listen to everything you have to say. By everything, I mean every episode too.

I might be wrong, but tell me any other platform currently offering such an engagement rate.

6. Audience Availability

Every business needs an audience to survive.

On the iTunes podcasting section alone, there are more than 1 billion total subscribers within your reach. Castbox and Podcast Republic might not be as large, but they offer you some 5 million subscribers too. Yet another platform is Podbean which brings on board an addition 1 million subscriber market.

Considering how even the top three social media networks can’t add up to give you such numbers, it is not rocket science why podcasting should be atop your business marketing agenda.

Getting started with podcasting

Like I said earlier, getting into podcasting for your business is not capital intensive at all. However, I suggest getting it done right, even if it means bringing professionals into the loop.

The best place to start would be by looking around your neighborhood for such professionals.

There are a couple of great Phoenix podcast recording studios that you can book sessions with to get your audio content out there. These studios not only offer you state-of -the-art equipment to make your content delivery better, but guidance and direction too.

You would also want to look for a great sound mixer to ensure everything you say is as crisp as possible. Fact is, a sound mixer should come as part of the deal when you’ve landed a great recording studio already.


The numbers are there. The platform is there. The tools are there.

Now that you know just how important podcasts can be to your business, why wait? If you ask me, the best time to have started podcasting is yesterday.

The market is still fresh – break in and scale your brand better!