Creating Your Brand Style Guide

Creating Your Brand Style Guide

Every brand needs to establish their own style so that customers recognize them and have a sense of who they are as a company. One of the most important documents that any business can have is their style guide which helps ensure brand consistency throughout everything you produce. A style guide contains all the information necessary to create anything from an advertisement, website, social media page or anything else that needs to represent the brand.

Your style guide can help any designer quickly understand the specifications of your brand’s appearance. It should include important information such as your logo size and placement so that your logo will always look consistent. You can also include specifications of how not to use the logo so that a designer doesn’t take their creative ideas in the wrong direction.

Within the style guide you can also identify your color palette so that the colors of your brand don’t shift between different designers. You can include Pantone colors and CMYK values so that there is no variation or slight changes in color shades. The hex code for web use is also important so that the colors are the same in online ads or on your website.

Listing the fonts that your brand uses can also be crucial to maintain a consistent look throughout all your content. Fonts reflect your brand’s identity and typography that is always the same can create a more professional look for your company.

You can also specify other aspects of brand’s style such as iconography, photography style and brand voice. It is essential for companies to know what they want their brand to sound and look like to their audience and a style guide can help narrow it down to important details. Maintaining a consistent brand style helps your audience remember you and trust your brand.