Copywriting Tips for 2019 Online Marketing

Copywriting Tips for 2019 Online Marketing

With all of your marketing efforts through social media, SEO, and other strategies one of the most important things to focus on is having great content. Writing high quality content that people find interesting, relevant and useful to them will naturally help boost your marketing campaigns. Copywriting that works most effectively will be both appealing to the reader and help you rank well for search engine bots.

One key element for copywriting is knowing your audience and the type of content that they will want to read. Thinking about your audience helps you come up with the right topics, tone and subject matter that will be something that resonates completely with them. Consider your audiences goals, desires, fears and the things they want to learn to improve their lives.

You should also try to create engaging and attention grabbing headlines and introductions that will keep your audience reading. Certain phrases may work to get people interested or make them feel compelled to read such as “reasons why”, “things you need to know” etc. Your introduction should also help convince them that you are going to answer their questions and give them the information they need if they keep reading.

The visual appearance of your content can also have an impact on readers and prevent them from clicking away. Breaking up content into smaller sections or adding bullet points and lists can make things appear more readable and less dense to those who are skimming for information. Adding certain media like photos, videos and gifs can also make your content look more appealing and engaging to readers.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that your content needs to provide some real information. Readers who are searching the internet for answers will want to engage with content that meets their needs and addresses their questions directly.

Matt Ramage is founder of Emarketed a web marketing agency located in Los Angeles. He loves coffee, good design, and helping businesses improve their look and getting found on the Internet.