Top 10 Things to Expect at a Co-Working Space

Top 10 Things to Expect at a Co-Working Space

Traditional work spaces can have a certain formal atmosphere that people are beginning to steer clear of in favor of coworking spaces. Being in a coworking space can create more energy, enthusiasm and productivity as people collaborate with one another. Instead of being isolated in a cubicle, at home or a coffee shop, coworking spaces bring people together to share their work experience in a small community.

Coworking spaces can be ideal for freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and anyone who is looking for a less traditional type of work environment. There are many different advantages when opting for a coworking space. Here are some of the common things to expect when you choose a coworking space.

1. Affordability – One of the biggest draws of coworking spaces is that it allows small businesses and freelancers to rent out only what they need instead of an entire private office space. Memberships for a coworking space can be much more affordable than paying rent in an office. The fees for membership may be monthly or weekly but they will include the use of the work space and all its facilities including a very reliable wifi connection.

2. A Sense of Community – The people who are interested in coworking spaces are often freelancers who would otherwise be working from home or a coffee shop in isolation. A coworking space gives them a shared area to work where they can feel a part of a community rather than spending all of their work time alone.

3. Options for Shared or Private Desks – Even though the concept behind a coworking space is to connect with other people, there are different options to suit everyone’s work style. You can opt for your own private desk or choose a shared one if you’d like to be able to communicate and share ideas while you work.

4. Prime Location – Most coworking spaces are located in the heart of a city near coffee shops and restaurants so that you can easily set up meetings or get drinks after work. They are closer to social spots so that you don’t feel shut off from the world as  you might in a more traditional office building.

5. A Welcoming Atmosphere – A more traditional office can feel cold, formal and sterile in a way that can make work hours seem dull. Coworking spaces have a more welcoming atmosphere that encourages people to connect, hang out and feel comfortable in their work space. The goal of coworking spaces is to have a more positive vibe that will keep them entertained as they get things done.5. A Welcoming Atmosphere

6. Kitchen Space and Coffee – Like many offices, most coworking spaces have an eating area or kitchen for people taking a lunch or coffee break. They might have a fridge, microwave, or a coffee machine where people can eat and hang out when they need to step away from their work. The kitchen area can also be a great place to connect and meet new people without worrying about interrupting someone when they are working.

7. Flexible Hours – One of the stressful things about working in a office can be making sure to get there on time. Coworking spaces allow you to create your own schedule or allow your team to work at the time that suits them best. Workers can come and go when they want, even just working for a few hours then returning home or possibly coming back later in the day.

8. Networking Possibilities – An interesting and unique aspect of coworking spaces is the chance to work with people from a wide range of different companies and fields. This can open up opportunities for networking, collaboration or just connecting with more people outside of your own business. Instead of meeting only people within your own company as you would in a traditional office, you can expand your social network to a more diverse group of people.

9. Meeting Rooms and Facilities – Another benefit of using a coworking space is the opportunity to have different facilities at your disposal including meeting rooms, whiteboards, projectors and anything you might need to conduct business. Instead of your company having to pay for all of these things in their own office they can use the coworking space facilities at a fraction of the cost.

10. Cleaning Services – In a typical office your company would have to clean themselves or foot the bill or cleaning services such as hiring a janitor. In a coworking space, the areas are kept clean for you and you don’t need to worry about the cost as it is included as part of your membership fee.

As more people work from home or in small teams, the advantages of coworking spaces become an attractive alternative to a traditional private office. Coworking spaces offer community, connection and an enthusiastic, productive work environment at a very affordable cost. If you are looking for a