Why Your Business Needs to Blog About Your Business

business-blog Blogging about your business might be the last thing on your list of things to do. Of all the other priorities, you might want to get to “real” topics in the industry for organic SEO purposes. Even if you have a regular writing schedule, be sure to put set aside some┬áposts about your business and community when possible. Here are few reasons why blogging about your business and brand can actually be beneficial.

Humanize Your Business

Blogging about your business in relation to a community event or holiday focuses on the people that make up your business. It adds a special touch and sets your business apart from competitors. It will also help increase conversation when shared on social media, as friends, family, and peers will be more likely to comment on the posts & events.

Meet Customer Expectation

As a business, potential customers expect to see regular posts that are relevant and interesting. Along with these regularly scheduled posts, it’s important to push out branded blog posts where you fully control the message that is associated with your business name. This may be announcing a new free download or infographic or even a community event that you’ll be participating in. The point is that you can get your name out there and associated with things that are important to your business and location.

Help Establish Authority in the Industry

Attending an industry event or conference? Live blogging or posting a quick summary is also an easy way to blog about your business. It’s also a good way to get your brand name associated with topics at these much discussed events. Blogging in real time will help your ┬ábusiness establish itself as a true player in the industry. Not to mention that it will give you social media fuel, which can also up your game.

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