5 Reasons Your Google Ads Aren’t Getting Results

5 Reasons Your Google Ads Aren’t Getting Results

With paid ads most marketers expect guaranteed results but unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Some businesses struggle with low conversion rates from their Google Ads or their ad doesn’t show up in search results because they made a simple mistake. Drivings sales with paids ads isn’t always a simple fix but there are ways to make sure you get more results from Google ads.

1. Disapproved Ads or Keywords
Once you create a Google ad, it goes through an approval process before it becomes active. Many businesses are not aware that their ads have been disapproved or have limited approval because of some issue with Google’s advertising policies.

2. Poor Ad Scheduling
If you don’t set a specific schedule for your Ad to run it can automatically run at all hours of the day which usually leads to low impressions. Targeting your ads at the right time of day can ensure that your audience is seeing them when they are more likely to be searching.

3. Poor Location Targeting
If you haven’t set up your location targeting properly you may be getting low results or your ads may not even show. Your targeting should not be too narrow but it needs to be set to where your target audience is searching.

4. Your Landing Page Doesn’t Match
If your ads are showing but you have low conversion rates it could be due to your landing page. When customers click on the ad they need to be directed to a landing page that matches the specific keywords.

5. Negative Keywords or Low Bids
Marketers creating negative keyword lists often will accidentally match negative keywords with targeted keywords which prevents the ad from running. Keyword bids that are too low can also mean the ad won’t run.

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