2019 Latest Instagram Features

2019 Latest Instagram Features

Social media sites like Instagram are constantly updating their features to keep content fresh and exciting for users. It is important for businesses to stay up to date on all the latest features that Instagram provides so that they know how to reach people and stay relevant online. Social media continues to change at a rapid pace and new features can give you unique opportunities to promote your brand and keep people interested.

One of the new features that can be especially useful for businesses is the ability to automatically schedule Instagram posts. This means you can use your profile to schedule a post at the time when your audience is more likely to see it and you won’t have to wait to get it set up. Scheduling posts can help save time and allow you to get better results from perfectly timed content.

Another promising feature is the ability to add clickable hyperlinks to your profile including usernames and hashtags. This can help you direct users to another page or allow them see more content related to your business by clicking on a hashtag. Upgrading your profile with more links can help you get traffic to other places and represent your brand.

One of the most exciting new features for businesses is the addition of shoppable posts which will now be available to all Instagram business accounts. A shoppable post means that users will be able to click on a particular product featured in a photo and be redirected to your main website where they can purchase the product. Shoppable posts tag products with a brief description and the price so that users can easily click through and purchase something.

These are just some of the useful new features available on Instagram this year that will be especially beneficial to businesses.

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