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Web Marketing Trends

We’re excited for the new year! A few trends that we think you should know about are below. We wish you a successful year and hope to help you in any way possible.

  • Site Security Matters. Google will now be giving a ranking boost to sites that are secure. In short this means if your site collects any data in the form of a contact form, credit card, or email address you should have a secure website and Google will now rank you higher if your site is secure. When you visit a site in Google using Chrome they show if the site is “Secure” or not in the browser bar. See below for how it looks on our website.

  • Whaddya know? Our site is secure. (↓)

    Building Links

    Here’s an example of a site that is not secure. If you click the “i” it shows that the site is not secure.

    Site Not secure By Google

    To make sure you’re site is secure you’ll need to purchase an SSL certificate for your site. We have a discounted rate available for our clients of $100 to setup plus a yearly fee of $20. Let us know if you’d like us to handle this for you.

  • Google favors mobile - friendly. The mobile trend continues. “48% of consumers start mobile research with a search engine” says Impact. Google is also favoring sites that are mobile friendly. Is yours? Find out now with Google’s tool. Will you take the leap?
  • Email marketing is still very effective. Staying in touch with your customers on a regular basis allows you to stay connected, promote to the interested, and track engagement. We currently use MailChimp but there are tons of great email providers out there that fit different needs. Wanna get your feet wet? We have email plans starting at $250/month. Hire us to help you get started.
  • Social Media is great for targeted advertising. People share more information with Facebook than they do their own families! AND spend more time on social sites than your site so get your ads and posts in front of your customers and potential customers whom you can filter by likes / interests and location. Advertising on Facebook can be a cost-effective approach with ads as low as a few pennies per click. Want to see some predictions on social media? Click here to read a great article on Forbes.
  • Online Video has eyeballs glued to screens.. Time spent watching video online is staggering. I’ll bet your customers are watching video right now so why not give them something to watch? From FAQs, to customer success stories, to staff interviews you can put out lots of high quality video that can be shared on social platforms, as well as on your own site. Want to keep costs down? Shoot it on your iPhone, and have us handle the editing and distribution of your next video!

Well that is it. Please don’t consider this an exhaustive list of trends but these are some of the important one’s we think our customers and friends can benefit from. Let us know if we can help in any way.

Thank You!