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We’re excited to get working on your site and start growing your business through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With SEO it does take time to rank organically especially if you’re in a competitive industry. On this page you’ll find more on our strategies, timelines, and our pricing plans.

SEO Strategies

With SEO strategies you need to make sure the company you go with is up to date on all the latest Google algorithm updates. SEO practices from a few years ago can get you in trouble today. SEO techniques that are pushed out to quickly or with a huge volume can also get your site penalized. As part of our offerings we do check to see if you’ve been penalized first and will clean that up if you have. We also monitor Google on a monthly basis to make sure your site is safe.

On Page Optimization

So one of the first things we’ll do with your site is to make sure that everything is properly optimized on your site. Part of this includes the following info:

  • Setup unique, relevant and coherent meta tags
  • Optimize image alt tags
  • Optimize H1 & H2 tags
  • XML sitemap setup
  • Optimize Robot.txt file
  • Google Analytics installation
  • Google Webmaster Tool verification
  • Optimize scripts and plugins
  • Fix canonical issues
  • Address duplicate copy
  • Address speed issues

In addition to the above we’ll also make sure you have enough content. If you don’t we’ll need to have you provide us content or write new content ourselves. Our seasoned writers will be able to learn more about your business and provide some content that will help Google view your site as an authoritative site in your industry.

For adding new content to your site we suggest doing this through the following methods:

  • Industry blogs or news
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Glossary of terms
  • Proving more information on your services

Once we’re set on the on-page optimization we start building links to your site.

Link Building and Off Page Optimization

There are various link building strategies but the main point of link building is to get sites to link to your website. Part of the Google algorithm looks at how many links point to your website. As part of our search engine optimization strategy we work on building links to your site. A sampling of these links are:

  • Social media sites
  • Edu and Gov sites
  • Press release sites
  • Article distribution sites
  • File distribution sites
  • Blogs
  • Niche websites
  • Directory websites

With our plans below we devote a certain amount of time each month to link building. And we’ll provide a report of all acquired links if requested.

Competitive Website Analysis

Another part of SEO has to do with researching competitors in your industry. We’ll take your desired keywords and see who’s ranking high for them. We’ll then look at those sites and determine what they’re up to. We’ll find what kind of links they’re getting, what type of SEO strategy they’re utilizing, and a bunch of other things that we’ll be able to leverage for your campaign.

SEO Reporting

Another part of an effective SEO campaign has to do with reporting. We’ll provide monthly reports on all our efforts. With these reports you’ll be able to see where your targeted keywords rank, how many links you have pointing to your site, social media movement, web traffic, and an update on what we did for the month in addition to what we’ll be working on next month.

Keyword Research

Another part of the SEO plan has to do with keyword research. At the start of the campaign we’ll do keyword discovery to find out what words you’re currently ranking for and what words we’d like to rank you for. We’ll also analyze your site and industry to see how competitive your keywords are. If you have a brand new site that sells water bottles and want to target the keyword “water bottle” than it will be very competitive. But if you have a site that sells specialized eco friendly water bottles than going after a keyword like “eco friendly water bottle” would be more realistic. We’ll provide you with a list of keywords to start off and can work with you on fine tuning the list.

SEO Enhancements

Content, content, content is something that Google loves. All of our plans come with a certain amount of content that we’ll create for you each month and get posted on your site and also on other sites. And this generally does the trick but we do have some additional offerings that can help push the rankings up higher. Our monthly video content service is a great enhancement. With these videos we’ll make videos for your website on a regular basis and we’ll take those videos and place them on various video sites. This will help your brand get more exposure and also help your rankings and web traffic improve.

We can also create specialized content like an ebook or an in depth article that ranks for your targeted keywords. With the specialized content please let us know what you have in mind and we’ll prepare a custom quote.

SEO Plans

Our SEO plans are month to month so no long term contracts. We do however suggest at least 6 months since it does take time for your targeted keywords to move up in the rankings. All our SEO plans come with a dedicated account manager and monthly reporting.