Remarketing Guide

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Advertising strategies can differ depending on your goals and a business might choose a variety of methods to establish themselves among old and new customers. Although one of the main goals of advertising may be to boost visibility to a brand new audience, remarketing is a useful approach to bring back existing customers or even to regain lost traffic.

Advertising to people who already know your brand, may have purchased something in the past or have recently visited your website helps improve brand recall, reduces loss and works as an effective way to target audiences. Repetition can be vital in marketing because a single exposure to your brand will not be as effective as multiple exposures in converting customers and maintaining existing traffic. Remarketing offers many benefits to advertisers, the most important being that it is a cost effective way to increase conversion rates. Our REMARKETING GUIDE helps you maximize your ad spends.

Remarketing Guide

What is Remarketing?

You may have experienced remarketing while browsing the web such as when you see a banner ad for a website you just recently visited. Remarketing essentially means marketing to the same prospect multiple times whether it be in the form of paid targeted ads, social media or even email. The tactic can even occur offline because any time you see an ad multiple times such as a sandwich board or billboard, it is a form of remarketing. The idea behind online remarketing is that seeing an advertisement or browsing a company’s website only once will have less of an impact than being exposed several times. It is also a way for businesses to reach an audience that is more likely to make a purchase, giving them a better return on investment. People that have already shown an interest in a business’s products or services will be more inclined to respond to an ad and return to their website.

How Does Remarketing Work?

On a basic level, remarketing can include strategies you might already use such as email newsletters which notify previous customers about discounts and special offers. Remarketing through email keeps people in touch with your brand and reminds them about the products and services that you offer. Social media is another way to market to existing customers with continual updates to followers which will most often be read by people that already know your brand and have purchased something from you in the past. The newest and most popular kind of remarketing, however, is through tracking customer activity on your site and targeting users through paid ads. You can also use remarketing to advertise to people who have been on your competitor’s site and are interested in certain products that you offer as well. For retargeting on your own website you can set up a small piece of code that will track visitors and your ad service will then deliver ads to these visitors after they continue browsing somewhere else.

Using Google Adwords Remarketing

If you are interested in using remarketing for your paid ads then you can incorporate this type of campaign with whatever ad service you are using such as Google Adwords. Google allows you to place paid ads at specific times and places that are tailored to your advertising goals. If you want to market to certain groups such as people who visited your website but didn’t buy anything then you can make custom remarketing lists on Adwords to target the right audience. Adwords also gives you the option of seeing insights into your campaign with reports of how your remarketing ads are performing, where they are showing and how much you are paying for them. You can choose to use dynamic remarketing with Google which will produce ads that include specific products or services people viewed on your website. There are also options for remarketing on mobile apps as well as video and email remarketing through Adwords.

How Does Remarketing Work?

How to Setup Remarketing in Google Adwords

To get started with a remarketing campaign through Google, there are a few steps you need to take. Firstly, it is important to make sure that you are following Google’s personal advertising policy and you are not choosing a more sensitive category of website or app using personal information. If you fit the criteria then you can choose which type of campaign you want to use and choose the right settings. You can create a Display Network campaign or Search Network campaign depending on whether you want to target users who are actively searching for something or are simply looking through another website. When you are signed into your Adwords account you can quickly click the campaign that you want and under “Choose how to target your ads” select “Interests and remarketing”. You can then start creating remarketing lists that will target ads to people who visit your website. Adwords will start out with “all visitors” but you can custom create your own lists if there are specific people you want to see your ads.

Google Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

If you create a search ad campaign in Adwords you can begin setting up remarketing lists to get more specialized ad services that target certain groups rather than just marketing to everyone who visits your site. For example you can make a list to send advertisements to anyone who leaves your site without buying anything. With this type of list you can advertise to people who are still searching for what they want on Google after they have left your site. The ads can be tailored to people you know have already seen your products and you can select certain keywords that will work for remarketing. Using remarketing lists allows you to customize your campaign so that you can increase your bid for certain lists or show different ads based on the customer’s activity. You can even bid on keywords you don’t normally bid on just for remarketing campaigns because more broad terms may be more effective for people that have visited your site.

Google Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

Google Analytics for Remarketing Adwords Lists

If you are already using Google Analytics for your normal paid search then you can employ the tool for help with remarketing in Adwords. Analytics can make it easier to create and edit remarketing lists based on information such as pages viewed, location, on-site activity and goal completions. The data that you collect in Analytics can help you create lists which you can then automatically share with Adwords so that they are shown across the Google Display Network. Google Analytics is useful because of its segmentation capabilities which allow for unique and specific list types. As long as you have an active Analytics account you can use it to start building custom lists and predefined lists based on different criteria. You can use it to make a list of visitors who’ve been to your site or users who put items in their shopping cart and never checked out. Analytics can also make a list of visitors who have completed a prior conversion so that you can show them ads for companion or accessory products. Analytics can help make it easier to make the lists you want so that you can reach the right audience.

Reaching Customers with Dynamic Remarketing

In addition to creating remarketing lists you can also customize your campaign through the use of dynamic remarketing. This type of remarketing takes your advertising strategy a step further by tailoring ads to the people who have visited your website based on what products or services they viewed. Dynamic ads will show products that users have browsed through on your website indicating that they are interested in buying but haven’t taken the final step. The ads can also be customized with a message tailored to your audience so that they are more likely to return to your site to eventually purchase the items they were considering. With dynamic remarketing you can offer ads that not only advertise your brand but remind and encourage potential customers so that you are communicating with them directly. Dynamic remarketing can be very effective at increasing revenue and conversion rates.

The Benefits of Google Dynamic Remarketing

If you decide to use Google Adwords for dynamic remarketing it has some useful features that can make the campaign easier to use and more effective. Adwords offers a product recommendation engine which can make your campaign more powerful even if you are using a basic feed such as .csv, .tsv, .xls, or .xlsx feed. The recommendation engine will pull products and services from the feed and figure out the best combination of products for a remarketing ad based on overall popularity and what a specific user was looking for on your website. Adwords also helps you create high performance layouts by predicting which dynamic ad layout will perform best based on the individual user and the platform where the ad will show. Dynamic remarketing in Adwords also calculates the optimal bid for every impression in real time. With this type of remarketing tool you can create ads that scale according to your products so that you can cover your entire inventory.

Remarketing Campaign Tactics

Once you have a remarketing campaign set up in Adwords you should consider what tactics will work best for your goals. One of the key strategies is to determine what website pages you should tag so that you get the most benefit from remarketing. If you want to create more leads you will need to tag your top performing lead generation landing pages or if you want to increase sales you can tag your top selling page. Whatever your goals are for remarketing you need to make sure you are tagging the right pages for the best results. Another good strategy is to split up your campaign to different types of customers and create multiple ads with different copy and images. That way you can expand your reach and make sure your ad will show on every Google ad network site you need. An important part of remarketing is also reaching out to people who abandoned their shopping cart because those people were very close to buying a product but either got distracted or reconsidered because of the price. Offering discounts or other incentives to these kinds of customers can help bring them back to eventually make a purchase.

Remarketing Campaign Tactics

Considering Other Remarketing Companies

Although Adwords is one of the most popular choices for paid ads and offers benefits for remarketing, there are other choices you can make for this type of campaign. Another major option for remarketing is through AdRoll which focuses on site retargeting and offers a lot of different controls and options. AdRoll is also popular choice because they have multiple advertising partners making it possible to set up ads with Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. Another company that offers remarketing services is Retargeter which has expanded to include social media retargeting and email marketing. This company has two main packages to choose from for site retargeting or for display focused on targeted visitors. If you are a small business you might be interested in choosing Perfect Audience for remarketing because it a very simple option and it does not require a huge budget to work with them.

Does Remarketing Work?

If you have never gotten involved in a remarketing campaign you might be concerned about getting the results you want. You might wonder if advertising to people who have already been to your website will simply annoy users and turn them away. The reality is that remarketing is actually one of the most powerful tools you can use with paid search ads. The average user is not annoyed by remarketing although there may be some who may find too many ads from one company excessive. For the most part, remarketing is actually very effective because it targets the low hanging fruit of the advertising world – basically people that are already close to buying from you. Remarketing keeps people engaged and connected with your brand while increasing click through and conversion rates. As long as your ads are reaching the right audience you will start to see some positive results from your remarketing campaign.

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