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Google Marketing Guide

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As the internet’s most popular search engine, Google is a central part of any advertising strategy. Fortunately there are a number of different tools and methods to marketing on Google so that it can be a valuable place to advertise that provides some real results. You can use the advertising platform Google offers known as AdWords to quickly reach customers and you can also set up pages for your business on Google Plus or Google My Business to help build your brand on the search engine. Other tools can help you analyze your results and keep track of your progress as you adjust and maintain your campaign. Your marketing strategy on Google can help you increase visibility and allow people to get to know your brand so that your business is more recognizable to users on the search engine. Google advertising is a great way for small businesses to expand and set up some of the key elements in their marketing strategy online.

Google Marketing Guide

Reasons to Advertise on Google

There is a wide range of benefits to using Google as an advertising tool especially for businesses that are just starting out in the world of marketing. Going through the steps of creating a Google campaign helps you determine what your ideal customer is, the best ways to target them, and how to invest in acquiring these customers. Google marketing is also a way to directly advertise to people that are looking for your specific product or service and are interested in making a purchase. Google AdWords is a way to reach out to your ideal customer and offer them your business as an answer to what they are searching for online. It is also a more moderate choice regarding cost because there is no minimum ad buy, making it an ideal choice for smaller businesses with less of a marketing budget. Advertising with Google also makes it easier to track your ads and see what kind of results they are getting throughout the campaign.

How Do I Advertise on Google?

Businesses may have different approaches to how they choose to advertise on Google. Some may focus solely on paid ads using AdWords and others might expand their campaign to include other tools such as Google Maps, Google Plus, Google Shopping, YouTube and organic search marketing so that they have different options for their results. Incorporating different types of marketing tools can help you get the most out of your efforts and allow you to adjust your strategy to focus on what seems to be working the best. Analytics tools and keyword planners can also be an important element in advertising because they give you the insight you need to make sure that you are making the right choices as you move forward. Businesses can choose which advertising tools that Google offers based on what their goals are, their marketing budget and how much growth they are hoping to see from their efforts on Google.

Using the Google Adwords Tool

Although there are a few different ways to use Google to your advantage in your marketing strategy, one of the easiest and most straightforward ways to get started is to set up an AdWords account. AdWords is an internet advertising service offered by Google that allows businesses to run their ads on the search results page. With this advertising a user will search for a certain term or phrase and your website will show up at the top of the results page with a small icon saying “ad” next to the link. Businesses using the service will bid on certain keywords that they believe people will type in when looking for their particular product or service. Keep in mind that Google takes into account the relevance and quality of your site when determining the search results so it is important to make sure your website is up to date and optimized so that you can have a higher rank according to your bid.

Using the Google Adwords Tool

How to Use a Google Plus Page for Business

In addition to paid advertising, businesses can also take advantage of Google plus as a social media tool that helps reach out to customers. Like other social media sites such as Facebook, Google Plus is a way to communicate and interact directly with customers while providing some context for what your brand is all about. Google Plus can also have more of an impact on SEO and search traffic volume than other social media sites because it is connected with Google My Business as a tool for providing local results. If you create a page using Google My Business, you will be featured in search results when users are looking for local businesses. When you set up a business page using this tool, you’ll automatically create a Google Plus page as well, and the link to it will be included in the listing when it shows up in search results. Using both tools together can help you improve your search results and have a social media site that communicates with customers and represents your brand.

How to Use a Google Plus Page for Business

Incorporating Google Maps Marketing

When you set up a business page through Google, you will also be able to take advantage of the Google Maps feature as a very useful advertising tool. If your business appears in local search results through Google My Business, then it will show up on Google Maps as well when users search for certain keywords. People looking for local businesses to provide a product or a service will be able to see your location in the maps feature as well as a link to your website or Google Plus page if you rank high enough if the results. If you update your Google My business page with complete and accurate data it will be easier for Google to match your business with the right searches. You will need to add your physical address, phone number, and category and also verify your location so that you can be added to Google Maps. The local results are based on relevance, distance, and prominence so it is important to have detailed information about your business as well as some positive reviews and ratings to improve your ranking.

Incorporating Google Maps Marketing

Adding Google Product Listing Ads

If you are a business that sells physical products rather than just providing a service, then you can use Google Shopping to your advantage. This marketing tool can help increase traffic significantly and allow you to see a noticeable boost in revenue. Google Shopping allows users to see your product come up in a product listing ad so that they will see an image of the product, the price, the name of your store and sometimes offers or reviews. Google Shopping is managed within AdWords, but you can set a bid on your products, rather than specific keywords for a traditional text ad. Google will then choose the keywords that are most relevant to the product and your product listing will appear at the top when users type in those words. Product listing ads are most useful for driving clicks from new customers that are not familiar with your company or have never purchased anything from you before. Google Shopping has grown more prominent as its comparison shopping revenue continues to increase, so it is an effective tool use as part of your marketing plan.


More Efficient Marketing with Google Business Apps

For new companies that are just starting to use cloud computing, Google Apps for Business can help streamline the work that you do and allow you to keep everyone on the same page. For Google apps, you can either get a paid account which has extra features like tech support or you can use a free basic account for up to six users. With the Google app, you can verify your business website and set up email for all your employees with your domain name. Having the name of your business within an email address looks more professional and lets customers know who you are with they communicate with you or when you send out newsletters or other types of email marketing tactics. Google apps also make it easier to work on the go using email, shared calendars and Google Drive to communicate information between your business employees or marketing team. Using business apps can speed things up and increase efficiency so that you can get more done and have your company set up for a marketing plan.

Google Business Apps

Using Analytics for Google Search Advertising

Another kind of tool related to your marketing campaign that can help make the process more effective is to use Google Analytics and other services to enhance your marketing potential. Analytics can be used to give you a lot of important statistics about your website and provide you with feedback about how your marketing campaign is working. You can begin to see how many visitors you are getting to your website on a regular basis, where your visitors are located, where your traffic is coming from online, which marketing tactics are creating the most traffic and how many visitors convert into customers. These analytics tools can be used to track certain aspects of your marketing campaign to figure out which strategy has the strongest impact on your traffic and increases the conversion rate. Other tools such as the keyword planner and Google Trends can help you identify keywords that you might want to use in your campaign because they are currently very popular search terms. Knowing these keywords can allow you to use them for AdWords or an organic search strategy.


Beginning Online Marketing for Small Business

For companies that are just starting out and need to grow their business, Google can provide some cost effective solutions that help get them started in the world of marketing. Local, independently owned businesses may not have enough of a following and need to find a quick way to increase their customer base. Online marketing using tools like AdWords and Google My Business allows small businesses a chance to put their name in search results so that people begin to become familiar with the brand. It also allows them to market in their specific area using options like Google Maps which will appeal to local consumers in need of their particular product or service. Online marketing is great for small businesses because it can be very straightforward, easy to learn and less expensive than other types of marketing. Measurement tools like Google Analytics also lower the learning curve so that businesses will be able to figure what works and what doesn’t with immediate results. Small businesses can start to use online marketing on Google as a way to get to know their customers and what they are looking for so they can ultimately expand.


Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Businesses with a small budget for marketing sometimes need to be resourceful about how they choose to advertise. When you first begin marketing for your company, your presence on the internet is important. A foundation of internet marketing often starts with publishing great content either on your Google Plus page, other social media sites or a blog. The quality of your content can be directly related to how you rank in search results and the likelihood of your website being shared online. Getting to know what people want to see on social media and what’s most popular can help you tailor your content to get noticed. You can also use YouTube to your advantage by publishing content such as instructional videos or tutorials which might help spread the word about your company while providing content people really need. Your YouTube videos are connected to your Google Plus page, but you can also post them to all your other social media sites. Once you know you have great content, you can start to use SEO or paid advertising to increase your rank and make sure that you everything you publish is being read or viewed by your target customers.


Google Marketing Case Studies

In the practical application of digital marketing campaigns, Google has proven to be a successful option for large and small businesses alike. Google has a wide variety of different tools and approaches that companies can use to their advantage to see some significant results from their marketing efforts. Businesses using Google to advertise can set up specific goals or objectives and find a quick way to achieve what they want through the platform. Companies all over the world have used Google strategies to drive more traffic to their website, increase sales and build more brand recognition.

Ikea Benefits from Adwords Store Visits

Even as an iconic furniture brand with millions of customers every day, Ikea has been able to benefit from Google marketing tools. The company uses a wide range of digital marketing activities to drive sales including Google Shopping to list their products online. Most recently the Ikea marketing team became interested in utilizing Adwords Store Visits reports helping determine if some of their campaigns were effective at generating foot traffic in their retail stores. Adwords Store Visits is a tool that uses mobile location data to help gauge how many users have both clicked on an advertisement and then visited the advertiser’s store. The data is anonymous, and visits are not tied to individuals for privacy reasons but the information gathered still generally indicates how well a campaign is driving foot traffic.

Using this tool, Ikea was able to determine that 10.6% of people who clicked on a paid search ad ended up visiting the physical store. The revenue attributed to the online campaign which brought people into the store was found to be three times greater than online revenue alone. Ikea’s marketing team was impressed with the data and surprised at how much they were able to increase traffic to physical stores through their paid search ads. The kind of data that Google provides through tools like Store Visits helps businesses optimize their marketing strategy and adapt to what works most effectively.

Sylvan Learning Targets Customers with Demographic Insights

An educational company that provides tutoring for children known as Sylvan Learning has been able to use Google to tailor their marketing strategy and reach the right audience. Sylvan had the goal of reaching parents and particularly mothers who are looking for some academic resources to help their children improve test scores or catch up to a grade level. The company used Google Adwords and a tool known as demographics for search ads to help target their paid advertisements for women between the ages of 25 and 54.

With a message that appealed to mothers and an adjusted strategy that would target the right age group Sylvan can concentrate on the market that is most important to them. Using the demographic tools provided by Adwords the company was able to decrease cost per lead (CPLs) by 25% for branded and non-branded campaigns. Sylvan was able to focus on its most valuable customers rather than spend too much of their marketing budget on demographics that most likely would not need their services. Since the company already knew their target audience, they were able to see the immediate benefit of using demographics for search ads.

London Retailer Farfetch Increases Revenue through Google Shopping

A boutique online retailer based in London which features clothing from 300 different international boutiques has seen enormous growth through its use of Google for marketing. The company is called Farfetch, and it has a wide range of fashion products for men and women from various countries around the world. The retailer wanted to reach a larger number of customers worldwide who are particularly interested in fashion and new clothing trends. They updated their product listings to use Google Shopping for their ad campaigns and continued to optimize their PPC. They created a “top sellers” Shopping campaign to stay current with the most popular brands and products.

After launching the campaign, their cost per click decreased 6% and the conversion rate increased by 13% compared with previous product listing ads. The cost per acquisition also was lowered by 20%, and the click through rate rose by 3% making the Shopping campaign much more successful than marketing strategies they used the past. Farfetch discovered that Google Shopping made it much easier to identify and bid on top selling products which improved their marketing performance overall. Much of their digital activity now can be attributed to their Shopping campaigns which they are expanding use in more markets.

Snickers Uses Clever Misspelled Word Campaign

Using Google for marketing can also give you the opportunity to get creative with advertising and branch out into less common strategies that can still prove successful. Instead of bidding on more traditional keywords, Snickers experimented with a unique marketing campaign in the UK that targeted office workers who misspelled their search terms. As part of their "You're not you when you're hungry" ad campaign, the candy bar company created paid search ads for commonly misspelled words. They worked with Google to find the top 500 search terms and then used an algorithm to create common misspellings of those words. Their paid advertisements that came up for these search words read "Grab yourself a Snikkers" or "Yu cant spel properlie wen hungrie".

Within just three days of the launch, Snickers was able to reach their target of 500,000 people with their creative campaign. This type of PPC strategy proved to be cost-effective as well because misspelled words are not nearly as competitive as more popular search terms. With minimal production cost and no seeding, Snickers was able to meet their advertising goal with a humorous campaign consistent with their brand.

With Google, marketing can be made simple and effective through the helpful tools the platforms provides, or it can be unique and personalized based on your company’s goals. There are infinite strategies you can take with Adwords, Google Shopping or even using analytics data to help improve your advertising results. Reaching specific marketing objectives can be much easier with a platform like Google that caters toward both small and large businesses that want to communicate with an audience online.

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