YouTube Makes Video Marketing Better

Video marketing is an easy and engaging way to add custom content to your website. Specifically, YouTube has become more user-friendly for content creators, which should encourage you to start making or make more videos.

Social connections and sharing are one of the driving factors of YouTube videos and viral hits. To encourage community and relevancy, YouTube has improved video comments. Conversations will now be powered by Google+ on your channel’s discussion tab. Speaking of sharing, you’ll want to connect this back to your site somehow. And you can always do that with custom links. BUT you can also link to your YouTube channel to your other social profiles including: Google+ (naturally), Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Blogger and more.

As a small business, it’s important to utilize the sharing options out there so that your videos can be seen by relevant, potential customers. Like any other aspect of online marketing, you can’t just expect to slap together a video and call it a day. Social networks are now an extension of effective video marketing campaigns.

YouTube is constantly working to create a better user experience. One way they have recently done that is by removing the video response option. If you’ve seen these video responses, it’s mostly likely that they’re spammy videos or trying to piggyback off a much more popular video. YouTube stated that the clickthrough rate was about .0004% or 4 out of every million users. So long, video responses. We won’t miss you.

When a huge video site like YouTube helps improve UX, it helps visitors stay on your channel and explore your videos. Eliminating distractions or features that aren’t used will help give your channel a cleaner look so that your brand message will be more easily showcased and seen.

Creating creative and engaging videos is always a challenge. Good news for content creators as YouTube just launched 150 new royalty free tracks to use. Have fun! Why would music be an important part of a video for a business? Even if you’re doing a short tutorial, testimonial, or introduction, music is a small detail that will help add a professional touch to your video. After browsing their extensive selection, you’ll find that there’s a back track for almost every type of video you’re looking to create! Check out one of the new tracks below.

Also browse Emarketed’s YouTube channel for a small sample of our video work and click here if you have any more questions about video marketing for your small business.

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