YouTube Video Cards Now Available to Everyone

Attention video content creators! YouTube has officially released video cards as an option to add to enhance your videos. The cards are applied to an individual video and are rendered for both desktop and mobile devices. The main benefit is that you can enhance calls to action on your videos.

There are various types of YouTube Video Cards including:
1) Merchandising
2) Fundraising
3) Video
4) Playlist
5) Associated Website
6) Fan Funding

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Depending on the amount of videos you have on your YouTube channel, it may be beneficial to go back and add relevant video cards. It’s especially beneficial for videos going forward. Here are a few more reasons you may want to consider using YouTube video cards:

1) Make videos more interesting and interactive for viewers
2) Help bring more traffic to your website
3) Help increase conversions
4) Improve visibility of calls to action
5) Interface is easier for businesses to use

There is also analytics reporting available so that you can monitor the performance of the video cards.

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