Writing with Marketing in Mind

Getting over the crippling fear of writer’s block is even more difficult when you have to write about a very specific topic. It’s even worse when you’re writing for a business in a boring industry! One way to combat the boredom is to attack it head-on, in a potentially “boring” way. Here are some important points on how you can structure your writing with marketing in mind.


Formatting: Just thinking of content structure is a good starting point. Are you thinking of writing: a short anecdote, Q&A, liveblogging/Tweeting, summarizing article/study/book, case study, interview, or even a poem? Once you have the structure down, the tie into marketing is the WHY. As in, why should your readers care that they’re reading anything you write?

Audience: Getting to know your audience will help your business in many ways. It helps with SEO because you’re attracting the right kind of traffic and visitors. It helps in everyday business because you know who you’re targeting and trying to satisfy one of their needs. Knowing your audience means that you’re marketing to the right type of customer. This gives you clues on how to write: for beginners, experts, or others who are looking for more information.

Substance Over Art: Writing is an art form but in many ways, it’s also a science. Marketing is also definitely a creative art, but there are specific formulas for success. The art and science in writing successfully can’t exist without the other. The trouble comes when content becomes so convoluted in the “art” that it loses the business meaning.

Write with Emotion: The most effective type of ads trigger a feeling which makes the message and brand memorable. These feelings can be: happiness, anger, shock, nostalgia, excitement and humor. Assigning a specific emotion to your content gives readers a reason to care about what you’re writing. Not only do they want a solution to their problem, but real human emotions makes it easier for your message to be conveyed through your content.

Just Write: Practice makes perfect. And when you ask the best writers, and even marketers, what the best writing exercise is, it’s to write more! Writing professionally can be stressful and not fulfilling as you hope. Which is why you don’t have to stop there. Writing personally, like in a journal, or casually in Tweets or microblogging can help you write through the marketing slog.

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