What ‘Better Call Saul’ Can Teach You About Adaptive Content

better-call-saul-marketing Season one of the hit prequel Better Call Saul just ended and it has left fans wanting more… now! As a marketer, it helps to constantly be on the lookout for things, including pop culture, to see how they can be applied to online marketing and the bottom line, help your business grow. And let’s face it, Jimmy considers himself to be the master of marketing himself… or at least he thinks he is!

Let’s look at how AMC’s hit show can be applied to the relatively new concept of “adaptive content” in the world of content marketing.

What Is Adaptive Content?

Adaptive content is as straight forward as it sounds. It starts with one idea or topic that can be repurposed and changed as it needs to be used on different platforms – social media, print, TV, emails, etc. Think about TV, movie, song, adaptations of a  novel.

Better Call Saul fits perfectly into this adaptive mindset. When we look at the main character of the show, look at how far he’s come from the sleazeball ‘Slippin Jimmy’, to serious lawyer James ‘Jimmy’ McGill, to the criminal’s criminal lawyer we all know and love from Breaking Bad, Saul Goodman.

Whether he’s Slippin Jimmy or Saul Goodman, the character knows his role and how to use his strengths to achieve certain goals… as should your adaptive content. In a business content sense, it’s turning a topic into a blog series, whitepaper, podcast, how-to video, infographic, and more. Always keep thinking of the next thing.

Know Your Audience

In episode two of Better Call Saul, Jimmy finds himself in a rough situation – in the middle of a desert with a gun pointed on himself and his two “clients”. Knowing that he has to choose the right answer to make a crazed drug dealer happy, Jimmy finds himself playing the role of the hardened criminal lawyer. The result is a lessened punishment for his clients – two broken legs rather than the initial proposal of death! In this case, Jimmy knew who he was dealing with (an irrational man) and that the truth wouldn’t please him. How well do you know your audience?

Persistency Pays Off

Jimmy finds that being a solo practitioner is rough. A sudden break comes when he stumbles into the niche of elder law. Jimmy consistently brands himself and even comes up with a catchy slogan “Need a will? Call McGill”, while socializing with potential elderly clients in nursing and retirement homes. He even acknowledges the fact, “Hey. Old people love me.” The lesson here is to be persistent and consistent. In marketing, it’s about choosing a brand message and sticking to your efforts, no matter how hard it is… hard work does pay off in the end.

Know Your Goal and Always Be Open to Change

Sure, you can question his character but Jimmy McGill has been clear of his goals from day one. Whether it’s finishing law school, passing the bar exam, making his older brother proud, making money, or sometimes, just doing the right thing.

Learn from Jimmy – in online marketing, you should set reasonable short term as well as long term goals to mark your progress. Using adaptive content is just one strategy that can help your online efforts grow by reaching broader audiences without exhausting your resources.

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