Improve Your Website Usability with Better Readability

website-literacy Did you know that the “average” American reads at an 8th grade level or below? Simplifying your website content can drastically improve its usability.

Readability of Content is Often Overlooked

When writing blog or website content, adding MORE isn’t always better. Especially when it’s words used for filler and fluff in order to extend the word count. In fact, it makes your content more convoluted and difficult to understand. In understanding UX as part of website marketing, the content isn’t always considered. It’s all about the design, navigation, and look & feel of the website. But when it comes down to the actual text, your web content may need a facelift. A recent study also shows that writing for low literacy readers will also benefit higher-literacy readers. A win-win!

KISS – Keep it Short and Simple

Concise content is where it’s at. There’s really no place for jargon or outdated lingo if you want to convert visitors and convert them quickly. Make sure that with every piece of content added to your website, there is a clear reason that it exists – to answer a question. Not only that but the answer/purpose of the content should be easily found. If a web page exists just to exist, it won’t be very helpful There are also tools such as the Readability Test Tool that gives suggestions for your content.

Readability Translates Into Other Elements

In line with simplifying content, the choice of font, text size, colors, and spacing is equally important. 16 pixels has been widely argued as the best for the body of website content. The layout of the website content should be presented in a basic way that won’t confuse or distract users. Don’t forget to utilize bullet points, lists, pictures, and spacing in between long blocks of texts in order to make it more visually appealing.

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