4 Header Web Design Trends That You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

The header of your website is a focal point and the first thing potential customers will see and the last thing they will remember about your business. Here are a few trends that are hot for 2015:

BIG, Bold Professional-Quality Images

The idea is to create and use a modern image that’s so good that it seems like it could be stock photography. Using custom photos isn’t a new thing but the superb quality of professional grade images is what you want to aim for here. Bottom line, don’t use a huge, blown up picture of your office (or face!) unless it’s ready to be presented in such HD details!

Use of Subtle Videos in the Background

Airbnb does a good job of using subtle (but powerful) video snippets in their website header. Videos enrich the user experience and integrating it seamlessly into the header or background is a no-brainer. To kick things up a notch, you can also expect to see these videos on responsive verisons of the website also.

Interactive Layouts

If you look on top of the home page for Seattle’s Space Needle website, you’ll see “Scroll Up” and the user-experience doesn’t begin until that action begins. Further up, you’ll see a button for “Click Me”. As you may see, this innovative layout will only work for some but it’s interesting nonetheless!


Centering images, text, navigation, videos and more. This is the recipe for a clean modern design AND it’s also perfect for responsive design. A center-centric header design translates across all different screen sizes and is also on point in terms of web design nowadays.

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