How Does Good Design Help with SEO?

Building a website from scratch or redesigning an existing website requires that different elements work together. Believe it or not, web design plays a crucial role in your SEO plan. Here are three reasons why:


1) Site Architecture

How your website is laid out is very important. When working together, the SEO strategy is to determine what pages are most important in the hierarchy. It’s design’s job to present that information in an attractive and easy-to-follow manner. If you have certain services or products that you would like to emphasize, web design helps make that section of your website stand out more. With SEO, you can help bring traffic to those desired areas.

2) Call to Action/Conversion

Without a clear call to action, visitors will likely just bounce from your website without looking at any other pages, making contact or anything at all. If there is no clear direction to call, contact, download, join, Like or subscribe, your website is pretty much useless. Good web design doesn’t necessarily directly impact your SEO efforts but it plans an important role in that – conversion. Where SEO gets potential customers to your website, it’s the design’s job to get them to stay and convert.

3) Site Speed

As responsive web design catches on and websites become bigger, better and more robust, their site speed also increases. Site speed is considered to be a top contender in search engine ranking factors. The purpose of effective web design is convey the proper brand message (including a call top action) but keeping a handle on it so that your website will load fast. Imagine that your website is ranking phenomenally and leading visitors to a beautifully designed website. The relationship can stop right there if it takes too long for your website to load. It’s a major no-no and something that both SEO and web design has to keep in mind.

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