Web Design, SEO and Conversion Conflicts

Web design and SEO are two elements that go hand in hand. When they don’t work in sync, there will definitely be a problem, which can be seen in your conversions. Even though these are two separate departments, it’s important that they work together. This is important to keep in mind whether you’re working with an internet marketing company or doing it in-house:


What looks “cool” doesn’t always convert – Part of having an impressive website means having something that looks current, usable and identifies with your brand. From a pure design standpoint, it’s a good bet that most designers wish that ranking factors solely had to do with graphics and style. Unfortunately, it does not. Quality content is still king.

This is why you often see “ugly” or old websites that rank well. Website authority and age count for a lot, but so does the content and information it provides. Web design should be built to accommodate your content. Your site’s design can look super sleek and impressive, but users won’t convert if they can’t find what they’re looking for.

Having good content isn’t good enough anymore – The SEO industry preaches quality content but your website will not succeed on writing alone. A good website design helps highlight the best information and attract more targeted customers. Many times, website design can grow into something that is more complicated than it should be. This is difficult when you have a fickle client. Remember to base all decisions on what would help a customer convert, rather than just pure aesthetic reasons or personal opinion. Just another reason to Meet

Meeting in the middle – It can get ugly when design takes an overwhelming grasp on a website. For most small businesses, you can’t purely depend on design for your website’s success. Even though on the surface, it might seem like the case because it’s the first thing people see. Before they read your content or browse your site, the site’s design leaves a lasting first impression.

The next part is where optimization does the job. A properly optimized and structure site ensures that users can browse seamlessly and find what they’re looking for. Both elements have to work together. One is seen as a science and the other as an art. But when you put them together, you get the best user experience and the highest website conversions.