5 Ways to Make Your Content Seem a Little Less Boring

No matter how you spin it, content in certain industries just seems so boring. It’s quite a challenge to make something like plumbing, insurance or real estate seem interesting to a wide audience.


1) Fake it until you make it – The golden rule is to set yourself up with this mentality. If you start to think negatively and dread writing, it will really show through in your content. There’s really nothing worse than reading mundane content with a vibe that somebody painstakingly typed it out to reach a certain word limit.

2) Rack up the social shares – Regular shares on all the big social networks will help your business gain exposure. More people are curating content for their own newsletters, weekly top reads and just things that grab their attention. By consistently showing that you blog, your brand will be out there with all the other “regulars”. ¬†Getting those numbers counted toward your social share count is definitely a plus.

3) Think outside the box – ¬†No matter what your niche is, you don’t always have to stick to the book. There is such thing is being over the top so you’ll have to know your limits. But human interest stories, and topics loosely related (or not related to your industry at all!) will help reach a wider audience… especially during the holidays. Think about those pictures of cute animals and sweet old couples that get Shared and Likes all over Facebook. Keep the viral factor of those things in mind! While it’s probably not a good strategy to do this with every webpage or blog post, it’s a change of pace that your site can use every now and again.

4) Look up the competition and do it better – Sometimes, you just can’t help it to feel bored while writing about a boring topic. This leads you to look at the competition or research related articles. One quick and easy way you can drum up some creativity is to search, let’s say a top 10 list for your industry. You can now create your own top 10 of how to do XYZ even better! This can also be an opportunity to dispel common myths and showcase what the reality, as you see it, is.

5) Visualize your content – Paint a vivid picture by incorporating yourself, telling anecdotes and adding personal details that make stories your own. It’s easy to tell when someone is writing about something they are passionate about, and telling you about it as if they were speaking with you. You can also get more ideas by using general topics and situations that people can relate to.

Using your very own pictures also help. Pictures of people, your staff and even pets! Bring on the human factor. Although they can be pretty nice, you don’t need to always rely on stock photos. Instagram and other photo filters and editors will help your content stand out with unique pictures that you’ve taken yourself.

Need help with creating an infographic? Infographics are a creative way to add a little oomph to accompany some good content. Don’t be afraid to think of more than just words when you’re trying to make your content a little more interesting and fun.

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