Why Video Marketing Makes Sense for Your Business

When it comes down to it, there’s not one good reason why you shouldn’t have videos on your website. Showcasing videos introduces your potential customers to your business, brand, and staff in a way that photographs and words just can’t compete with. That’s the easy part. The more difficult part is the “how” and they “why” aspects of video marketing, which is something a marketing firm can help you with.


Producing and Scripting Your Videos

Sure, almost anyone can shoot a video on a cell phone and upload it to YouTube. But for professional videos chosen to represent your business, it takes a lot more than that! From pre to post production, there are many aspects to follow up on.

The importance of good editing and a fitting script will do wonders for your video, no matter what topic you choose. In some cases, such as an interview style bio videos, non-scripted Q&A can best capture the essence of what you want to say about yourself and your business. Another option for the more camera-shy, is an overview video that sums up your business without even featuring a person or spoken word. There are options and solutions for whatever you’re looking for!

Get The Right Attention

Seeing a person in a video automatically grabs a visitors attention. This engagement is increased even more when you give them a reason to gain their trust. There are a number of ways to do that: entertain, explain, convey different emotions, and give a strong call to action. Videos will help keep a visitor on your site for longer and keep them anticipating something more.

Videos do say something explicitly about your business. But it also gives customers and competitors a sense that you care about your image and are keeping up with current marketing trends. Even added a new, well-edited video can give your “old” website an updated feeling.

YouTube Discusses Intro Videos to Boost Your Channel

If Google highlights something or gives you tools to help with your marketing campaign, take it as a good sign. In this case, YouTube gives a small but helpful tip. The tip is that you can add an unlisted 3 second video which can be used as branding and applied to your videos. These intros can be changed and updated at anytime.

Create Compelling Videos Today

Ready to begin? Check out our video reel here and visit our website for more on video production and marketing.

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