8 Video Marketing Ideas You Can Use Today

Emarketed Reel from Emarketed on Vimeo.

Video marketing is a great supplement to content marketing. Businesses should really embrace the idea of using videos in their marketing because it’s an affordable way to reach a larger audience. Here are 8 ideas you can use to implement video marketing today:

1) About Your Business


Intro videos are a great way to introduce yourself, your business and your products/services. This quick overview is great on an About Us page and will help bring your words to life and make your business more personable.

2) Company Tour & Employee Introduction

A company overview is a great way to accompany your about us video. Internally, it can also be used to help new employees learn more about the work environment and what to expect on the job.

3) Product Showcase

CNET uses product demo videos all the time, especially when they’re reviewing the latest gadgets. You can definitely use this same approach on your own products. It’s nice to be able to see product details and how it looks in movement, not just laying flat on a screen. Even online retailers have taken the hint on the popularity and usefulness of videos. Top clothing retailer ASOS features videos of clothing being worn by models as they strut the runway. Talk about seeing your product in action!

4) Client Testimonials & Reviews

A video testimonial from a genuinely satisfied customer says more about your business than a written review ever can. Video is great to capture human emotion and show potential customers that you can provide the same service for them. Instead of telling them how good your business is, videos help you show them in an interesting and meaningful way.

5) How-To Tutorial

Put your products to good use and show customers how to use that product in order to solve a problem. Whether it’s how to weather-proof a door or do tricks on a scooter, these tips will help bring in interest while making your product the star of the show.

6) Staff Highlight

This type of video will help customers get to know who they’re working with. For example, if you provide B2B services, it will be helpful for clients to get to know their project manager or contact person. Staff videos can also help attract the talent you want when you’re putting up a job ad as many job seekers are interested in the work atmosphere.

7) Event Recap

If you’re attending a local event, company function or industry conference, video highlights are a good way to display your involvement in the community. This inside look is interesting because it provides customers with a behind-the-scenes look of what your company does outside of office hours!

8) Training Video

Training a new employee or client can be difficult but it doesn’t have to be. You can only do so much with email or verbal instructions over the phone. This is where video saves the day. Training videos are an effective way to learn how to use just about anything: new product, software, machine, or email template.

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