Why Choose Tumblr?

What does Nic Cage as Everyone, Newsweek, and Scanwiches have in common? They’re all Tumblr blogs!

We’ve talked about simple blogging platforms with Posterous (see our previous post) but many bloggers are choosing Tumblr. Just take a look at their home page and you can see it’s as easy to sign up and make your first post:


Whereas WordPress is better suited for content and search engine visibility (with all the plugins and bells and whistles), Tumblr is for a *new* breed of blogger. That is, bloggers who rely on unique posts AND pictures to engage their visitors. An interesting thing you’ll notice is that most Tumblr blogs consist of picture posts.

What was commonly thought as being not SEO friendly has become the high point for Tumblr, as you can easily upload any type of media multimedia to your blog. Team Tumblr themselves has described this process as being “effortless”.

If you’re still confused about where Tumblr lies in the blogosphere, I like to think of it as a microblogging platform with highly customizable capabilities (Google Analytics and third party applications) PLUS a very social side. You can invite other users to make contributions on your blog, follow other users to see their updates (ala Facebook and Twitter) and even make updates via AIM.

As a blogger, it’s important to stay focused on your craft of writing and posting regularly. Tumblr’s main benefit is that it’s user and social media-friendly. It’s simplicity, especially for the socially-savvy will help take away the distractions that may arise with WordPress so that you can get more work done, so to speak.
If you blog, what’s your favorite or least favorite platform and why?

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