Don’t Buy Into These Top Social Media Myths

Like its other marketing counterparts, social media is the subject of many myths and misinformation. Find out if you have heard about any of these social media misconceptions and face the reality of what’s really true!


1) Every business should be on every social networking site

Social media marketing should not be considered a free-for-all. Like any other form of marketing, it’s best to choose the platform that is best for your business, where you can invest the time and money to create a good strategy and engage with your audience. Not every site is a good fit for your company, or industry for that matter.

Additionally, putting your business on every social platform that exists is a waste of resources, can mislead consumers (into thinking that your business is active on all sites) and send out spammy social/SEO signals.

2) Your business should post every day, multiple times a day

Although your business should be active on social media, participating daily isn’t necessarily a good signal. Especially if you don’t have anything substantial to post. Then, it’s just like you’re posting (or automating) for the sake of posting something. Instead, it’s good to aim to make a post a handful of times a week and more frequently if you have engaged visitors or important news to share.

Social media shouldn’t be considered a game of numbers. Quality definitely matters over the quantity of your posts. Besides, who wants to see a Facebook Page that updates everyday with little to no interaction?

3) You need to be on social media because it’s free

Sure, signing up for a Facebook, Google+, or Twitter account is inherently “free” but that doesn’t mean that you’ll succeed. Facebook is quickly becoming a pay to play network, where businesses won’t see as much benefit without investing in paid ads and placement.

The cost of being on a social network is free but other indirect costs may incur, including long term investment, training and maintenance of your accounts, if you don’t have time to do it yourself.

4) Social media marketing is unlike traditional marketing

The biggest challenge with social media is measuring ROI. Other than that, it can be seen as a complement to traditional branding or marketing. It’s highly effective in reputation and brand management and a great way to humanize your company.

Social media marketing can be tied to almost any other forms of traditional marketing including: billboard ads, radio & TV spots, email marketing, snail mail, and even viral marketing. Just because social media marketing seems like a different animal, it can now be considered part of the traditional marketing family.

Misconceptions about Social Media Marketing

Now that these common myths have been busted, it’s time to spread the word. Social media marketing is no longer in its infancy and the more you avoid it, the farther behind you’ll fall. Remember to do your research and not just to believe generalized, sweeping statements. Especially when they contain the words “almost”, “never” and “all”.

Marketing campaigns should be tailored to your specific business and there’s no one correct way to do it for everyone. Keep this in mind with social media, as well.

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