Top Beginner SEO Mistakes

seo-do-over Make no mistake, “beginner” SEO mistakes can and will happen to SEOs of experience … if you don’t pay attention. Whether you’re taking over an older website or starting from scratch, it’s crucial not to forget about the little things.

Taking Shortcuts for Immediate Results

When starting an SEO campaign, it’s realistic to expect that it will take time to achieve solid rankings and results. A n00b SEO misconception is that a brand new site will change everything & immediately. When these goals aren’t met in a short period time, it may be tempting to try alternative methods to boost results. Check on this article on SEO blunders even the biggest companies (like BMW and Toys R Us) have made.

Weird Issues with Meta Elements

Title and meta elements can be overlooked during a redesign… whether it’s having completely duplicate elements or none at all! Depending on the tools or methods used, titles and meta can even get switched so that they are no longer relevant to the actual on-page content!

To get into best practices, make sure that everything is unique as possible – title tags are 60 – 65 characters in length; meta descriptions are natural, unique and are between 150-160 characters in length. These elements can be crucial in conversion and click through optimization.

Neglecting Links & Under-Optimization

These past years have had SEOs shaking in their boots over fear of the next big Google update. SEOs have been so afraid of staying out of Google’s bad side by avoiding any type of optimization at all. This leads to a new type of problem – under optimization, out of fear that a website may seem spammy or keyword stuffed. Some SEOs may also fail to link pages internally or provide any type of navigation so that related pages can be found.

Remember that there is a balance between properly optimizing a website and going overboard. Read Google’s updated SEO starter guide here.

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