Tools for a Better Social Media Campaign

Computer Keyboard With Social Media KeysMarketing online can come from a combination of different sources but one of the most important platforms is social media. Many companies are still struggling to get the most out of their social media campaigns because it can be difficult to stand out with so many competitors trying to get the attention of customers. For businesses that are less savvy about social media they may feel that their posts are not effectively engaging customers. With so many social media channels available and so many ways to market it can be hard to develop the right campaign that gets the results that you want. However, there are certain strategies and tools to consider that may help improve your success in social media marketing.

Strategies for Twitter and Facebook

In terms of social media websites, twitter and Facebook are two of the key platforms to communicate and stay in touch with customers. Twitter is something that works best if you keep up with it often and are constantly connecting with your followers. It can be a good idea to use Twitter as a way to send a thank you every time your company is mentioned and respond to questions as quickly as possible, often in the same day. Facebook is a way to post content that is longer than Twitter but it is still best to keep posts simple and ask questions instead of making statements to increase interaction. Utilizing Facebook ads is also a great method for reaching more people and increasing your followers.

Using Images and Content to Engage Followers

When posting on social media, whatever platform you are using it is helpful to include images as often as possible. Photos and also animation through GIFs are more likely to attract attention to your post and make people stop browsing to look at a visual image. Images and videos can also work well with your efforts in SEO optimization. While an image can bring them in, you also need great content accompanying it to keep the customer’s attention. You need to provide content that will make people want to click through because it has sparked their interest. Keep your target audience in mind as you create content and think about what they are looking for from you. If you create something that provides an answer to some of their questions then they are more likely to read through your content.

Community and Inspirational Campaigns

A good social media strategy means more than having a lot of followers but instead building a community. If your posts have a lot of personality and humor or are entertaining to your followers then you are more likely to see interaction. It is important to converse directly with the people interacting with your posts so that it feels like a two way communication every time you respond. Finally, your social media efforts should include cross-channel campaigns that include an emotional or inspirational component that will get people more involved. Use powerful stories that will engage followers and get them to stand behind your brand.