What You Thought About Paid Ads is Wrong

If you thought organic SEO was competitive, wait until you get into the world of paid search. PPC is highly competitive, there are some common misconceptions to the game, especially if you are just starting out.


Is it Possible to Succeed on a Small Budget?

Bigger companies and brands have the budget it takes to succeed when it comes to pay per click advertising. But it doesn’t mean that your business will be left in the dust on a smaller campaign. This is why it pays to research and target a specific niche or vertical. Instead of working harder, work smarter and more efficiently to target the correct audience.

Big companies run many ad campaigns at once and the strategy they usually employ is to cast a bigger net in hopes of getting more clicks. Hopefully, those clicks will turn into conversions. If you’ve clicked on ads for bigger campaigns, you also might find that they just take you to a specific section on the website, main home page, or even a section that is completely wrong and different than what you were looking for.

The advantage of a small campaign is that there is more time for analysis, planning and updates so that they work to your best advantage. The downfall of big PPC campaigns, is that they are run on auto pilot and there are many  instances where the “fat” can be trimmed.

Take Advantage of Gmail Sponsored Promotions Ads

Have you heard about ads in Gmail? Depending on which study you’re looking at for 2014, users send and receive about 120 emails a day. This means a lot time spent on email, more specifically Gmail. While Gmail Sponsored Promotions Ads is currently in beta, you can sign up by contacting your Google Representative or contact us and we’ll see what we can do to request your inclusion. With this paid ad strategy, you can take advantage of competitors – literally! Your Gmail Sponsored Ads will show up in a user’s email interface, whenever there is a mention of a competitor term that you have bid on.

“Keywords” Versus What Users Actually Search For

SEO and PPC seem confined to a list of keywords. But in reality, we have to constantly remind ourselves of what users are really searching for – search queries (aka “real world” searches). Adwords’ Search Query Reports (SQR) help businesses understand what users are really typing in and how it matches up to what their intent is and what terms the business is actually bidding on. This is where you can make your PPC campaigns even better by searching for and adding negative keywords.

Consult with a Reliable PPC Consultant Today

The nuances of pay per click management aren’t always obvious and it can be confusing. But all these little things are what determine whether your ads are effective or not. If you need help with your PPC ads or have questions about how paid ads can be more effective, feel free contact us at (323) 340-4010 or (800) WEB-5421.

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