5 Reasons to Be Thankful for Blogs This Holiday Season

Blogs are more than just fleeting posts that get published and are forgotten. Posts allow writers to share their passion and readers to spread the word about things that they’re truly interested in. Although it’s easy to overlook blogs during the busy holiday season, they do a lot for us on the SEO world. Let’s take a look at 5 ways you can better appreciate blog posts in 2014:


1) Series of Posts

If you get the urge to write non-stop on a particular topic, breaking it up into a series of posts will help bring variety to your blog. Having several different related blog posts will ¬†help fill our your writing schedule, so you don’t feel like you’re stuck or have run out of things to write about.

Having a part 2, B or deux will help bring readers back for more. Particularly if you have a great topic, such as: top SEO errors, effective social media campaigns of 2013, top CMS design templates etc. Bringing in more clicks and building up anticipation is a one of the best strategies for your blog.

2) Long Form Content

On the other hand, sometimes you just need to have all important questions and answers all in one place. This is where a long form blog post comes in handy.

Integrating long blog posts in a mix of short posts, is an important part of giving readers variety, as well as search engines variety in the length of content to crawl. It looks more natural to have different types of blog posts, rather than have all posts scheduled systematically to be around exactly the same length.

Long blog posts work best in the form of: case studies, how-tos, tutorials, and even interviews.

3) Repurpose Content

Repurposing and reusing similar content on your website is a great way to capture long tail keywords. The more intricate a search query is, the more you’re likely to find it off your website. Meaning, if you’ve looked at general phrases or questions in your search queries and find that your website is ranking, it could actually be your on-site blog instead of a content page on your website.

If you have a video or infographic on your website, you can leverage your blog by writing a short post and linking back to it. Related and repurposed content do well when they’re linked back to each other in a way that makes sense.

4) Encourage Faster Indexing

The social nature of blogs paired with social share buttons will skyrocket your post to being indexed way more quickly than a page on your website… especially if it’s buried deep within folders. Blog posts are indexed as an individual page and more frequent posts will bring crawlers to your site more often and have them remain on your site for longer. The goal is to have bots regularly crawl, index and rank your content. What better way than to do it with time-sensitive, interesting and helpful blog posts?

5) Cross Promote with Other Properties

With blog posts, you have the endless opportunity of sharing things on your other social media profiles or website properties. Whether it’s click bait, Facebook campaigns, funny photos, community events or contests, you can link these all on your blog. Blogs and Instagram might not be so effective on their own, but using the 2 to cross promote will amplify the reach of your active audience and make your campaign stronger. Social media activity is very time sensitive and there are increasing barriers to what your Fans will and will not see. Why not strengthen that by cross promoting on your blog?

Blog content can be evergreen so it’s not surprising to see a business’ contest from 2 or 3 years ago pop up when you do a search. It brings a sense of authority and permanence to an otherwise run of the mill social media activity.

Happy blogging and have a great holiday season. Visit our Facebook Page and give us a shout out!