Do Your Thank You Pages Say Enough?

Website conversions are a big deal and we sometimes don’t think about the actions that can take place afterwards. Thank you pages are a big missed opportunity that require very little effort with potentially big payoffs. Simply sending users to a blank “Thank you, your form was submitted” page isn’t useful. That space can be used for many different things. Here are 5 things you shouldn’t forget about your thank you page:


1) Conversion Code – Whether it’s a thank you page for a form submission, download, sign-up or purchase, it’s important to add the appropriate conversion code. Especially if you’re running a paid search campaign or using third party analytics. Don’t forget to add your conversion code! This is the first MUST-DO on a thank you page.

2) Video – Instead of just a plain, boring “Thank You”, why not add a thank you video? Videos are an easy and personal way to reach out to your customers. In a few seconds, a video can be used to thank visitors and assure them that they will hear back from you soon (if they submitted a form). A video can be used to tell users what to expect after their conversion. If you need help or ideas, view more our our videos here:

3) Related Products – For e-commerce sites, a thank you page is prime real estate for additional products. You can also give users a sneak preview of related products they can expect to see in the future. This is helpful for online clothing retailers or a site where customers would make consistent purchases. Use seasonal and buyer trends to introduce new products, even after they’ve already made a purchase.

4) Sharing is Caring – Coupons and sharing incentives are key. People love sharing good deals with their friends, especially if they get compensated for it. A thank you page can be used to remind customers that if they invite a friend who signs up, they’ll get X amount off on their next purchase. Similarly, you can incentivize customers to spend, let’s say $100, and get $15 back to send to a friend. These are deals that will keep them coming back, even after the conversion is made.

5) Social Profiles and Reviews – A thank you screen can also take users to all your social profiles and review sites. Although most sites discourage explicitly asking for reviews, you can subtlety urge them to visit all your social and review sites.

Don’t take thank you pages for granted again. There is much you can do to keep users on the site for longer, interested in your business and happy overall!

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