Facebook Marketing: Do You Feel Left in the Dark?

If you use Facebook, you’ll know that there are constant updates and policy changes. For businesses, these changes can have a big impact on the way you use Facebook as a platform.

Companies Leave Facebook

Recently, Facebook denied drug companies the option to disable public comments on their Wall. As a result, companies such as Bayer and Purdue Pharma have removed affiliated Pages from Facebook. Public comments can make small businesses feel uneasy but is it best to run and hide? In the case of these pharmaceutical companies, the situation is more complicated than what a local business will normally encounter. The actions depend on the situation and the outcome is a strong reflection of the brand.

Are Fans Ignoring Your Page?

Managing  a Facebook Page takes a  special balance of skills. Patience, creativity and common sense will come in handy, but what happens when customers are ignoring your status updates or not interacting as much? If this is the case, they most likely aren’t interested in your updates.  A customer can like your brand but keep scrolling past updates that they can’t relate to. For example on the Emarketed Facebook Page, we don’t just update about SEO. We like to post about all the different aspects of internet marketing.

Another reason why fans might not be interacting with your Page is that your posts will disappear from their default News Feed if they continuously pass your posts by! I noticed this when certain Pages I Like and Friends’ posts weren’t showing up in my Feed. Here’s how to fix the problem:

Login and as you look at your News Feed click the Most Recent dropdown.
Click Edit Options (at the very bottom) and then in the Show posts from area, click: ‘All of your friends and pages’.
The default option is ‘Show posts from: Friends and pages you interact with most’.

Need Help with Social Media Marketing?

A crucial part of marketing on Facebook is analyzing your improvement and adapt whenever and wherever necessary. We know what it takes to invest time and effort to keep up with all the constant changes. If you’re interested in social media marketing for your small business but don’t know where to start, we are here to help – contact us today!

Facebook Pages & Places: Is Merging a Bad Idea?

I’m not a real big fan of Facebook Places. You may have seen some check-ins in your Facebook feed after friends have checked into a venue. I don’t get the big whoop because it basically just shows a map of the place. Powered by Bing, wow.
At least with Foursquare, you can see users who are currently at the location and other tips. Not to mention the “fun” aspect of collecting badges.

After seeing many negative comments, I think that it’s a BAD idea for most businesses to merge their Facebook Page with a Facebook Place. Here are some reasons why:

  • No custom tabs. By default, your users will be greeted with a map of your business location.
  • Difficulty with sharing. Most users are accustomed to a traditional Page and might get confused when they don’t see your Wall upon arrival.
  • No more Page Insights. Can you imagine losing this information? You won’t be able to see Fan analytics or demographics once your Page is merged.

If you’ve spent a lot of time, money and resources building up your Facebook Page and fanbase, I’d highly recommend against merging your Page and Place.
Check out the hundreds of Pages and business owners who warn of the process. Do you think it’s a bad idea?

Do You Have Enough Time for Social Media?

Feeling a little overwhelmed this holiday season? Between work, family, avoiding sick co-workers and shopping for gifts, you’ll be glad to know that you can also effectively schedule in some time for social media. Great. More stuff to add to your list!

Always start with an objective in mind. Don’t have one? Here’s a list for some helpful ideas. These are some things that you’ll realistically be able to accomplish if you put in the time.

Get rid of distractions. It’s easy to get lost on social media sites as the links lead you to more interesting places. But don’t lose sight of your goal. If your priority is to Tweet or date on a daily basis, you can easily make that happen. Set aside a certain amount of time for social media so you aren’t constantly checking throughout the day. Unless you’re 50 Cent, there’s no real point in checking/updating your Twitter account every 5 minutes. (And even then, it’s highly questionable!)

Use the right tools. I find SocialOomph and Hootsuite very helpful for scheduling purposes. I started using Crowdbooster and it gives some helpful suggestions. Check it out below:


How do you stay on schedule when it comes to social media?

What Do You Think of Facebook Marketing Solutions?

What is It?
Facebook Marketing Solutions is a Page run by Facebook’s very own employees. It’s a resource page for brand marketers to share and learn about marketing on the social site. Though the Page was founded early last year, I haven’t really noticed it until it showed up in my ‘Recommended Pages’ box. The Page also some helpful tips on how to build your brand presence, engage your audience and spread your message.

An Interesting Concept
Make sure to check out the Discussions tab to see what people are asking and answering. It seems to be an interesting concept but I see that a lot of topics are overwhelmed with spam. For example, the latest discussion is titled ‘Please Like my FB page’. If this continues, I can see how it will be a lot more problematic than helpful.
Facebook is taking a stand to help marketers get a better understanding of their changing game. As far as I know, Twitter doesn’t have a resource similar to this. I’m not sure how well this would work for Twitter where spam seems to be even more prevalent. I’m noticing a lot more spam accounts that are following the emarketed profile. Schemes like: cash for gold, win a free iPad, vacation home rentals etc.

Things That Could be Improved
There are cool case studies on Coca-Cola and Starbucks but what about the little guys? I think this Page is lacking information for local business and smaller businesses that are just starting out. They seem to be taking suggestions into consideration so I hope they add more info about this in the future. I’d definitely like to see more info for small businesses and less spam.