Ecommerce Sites Benefit from Sharing

Funky Sofa Marilyn

Social media is now a must-have, even for ecommerce sites. By looking at big brands like Zappos and Amazon, you can incorporate some useful sharing strategies for your small business or ecommerce site:

What do your customers care about?: With Funky Sofa, we take this as an opportunity to also showcase design inspiration and interesting furniture products from other retailers. This also allows us to stay up to date with competitors in the industry and to see what they’re doing.

Share interesting content: An onsite or offsite blog can also be an interesting way to share content. Funky Sofa often posts behind the scenes photos of the making of their products and furniture. Not much of a writer? Take a look at some retailers have boosted sales by incorporating video marketing.

Social Sharing Buttons Help with Engagement: Adding a “Like” or “Tweet” button to your site is easy. Take a look at the Marilyn sofa above. 41 people Liked this product and a blurb was published on their Facebook wall so that all their friends are also exposed to the Funky Sofa brand.

With Christmas time around the corner, ecommerce sites can benefit by sharing in the right way and without seeming overly self -indulgent. Remember, it’s not ME, ME, ME but YOU, YOU, YOU (we’re talking about the consumers here).

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Campaign Marketing: The Salvation Army Focuses on Social Media

The Salvation Army has been around since 1865 but their campaign marketing tactics are definitely NOT stuck in the past. If you visit their site, you’ll see their “Social Media Scene” displayed prominently on the homepage. This spotlight focuses on showcasing their blog, Twitter stream, recent Flickr uploads and YouTube videos.

Expanding Online Outreach
As a non-profit organization, social media has been a great way for the Salvation Army to expand their outreach for donations and volunteers. An article by DMNews explores how the Salvation Army can take advantage of online volunteers. With over 15,000 Facebook fans and 3,000 Twitter followers for the US segment alone, this is a much greater opportunity than merely soliciting in person donations. People who stay tuned to the organization’s events and charities are more likely to donate. The study shows that the Salvation Army has seen better results through online donations in the past few years.

Why Support the Salvation Army?
Why would so many people support the organization? Like this video shows, the Salvation Army provides a safe and nurturing environment for children who are less fortunate. Their week long summer camp gives kids an opportunity to explore, learn arts, sports and engage in ways that they wouldn’t have otherwise. The Salvation Army also provides rehabilitation services, support and shelter during natural disasters and even care for the elderly.

Social Media Done Right
Their social media profiles don’t just spam followers and hit people up for donations. For example, the SA’s Twitter account provides news about disaster relief, info on donation milestones and volunteer opportunities. The Salvation Army is a good example of an organization using social media to effectively appeal to your emotions. After all, it’s for a good cause!

Check out the Salvation Army’s social scene and see all the different ways you can help contribute.

Facebook Advertising Case Study

We just launched a Facebook advertising campaign today targeting a demographic that likes to drink alcohol and/or use drugs. It will be interesting to see how this campaign does. The campaign is for a drug rehabilitation center located in Orange County, California. The ad management page is below along with a copy of the ad and the demographics. It’s currently targeting close to two hundred and fifty thousand Facebook users with an ad spend set for $100 per day.  The cost per click (CPC) is set to 0.55 cents a click. Stay tuned for updates on this campaign.

facebook advertising ad
Facebook advertising ad
facebook advertising ad manager
Facebook advertising ad manager