Don’t Forget About Social Media!

With Google updates (or lack of updates, in Penguin’s case) getting all the attention this summer, it’s easy to slack on social media internet marketing efforts. This is the perfect time to garner some extra traffic and brand recognition that can help boost your SEO campaign… and just in time to prep for the holiday season. Let’s take a look some recent news to help refresh your outlook on this segment of online marketing:

Facebook Growth
According to a recent report, about 57% of Facebook users are active on mobile devices. Businesses can look forward to more ways to integrate ads and apps directly into users’ Newsfeed.

If you haven’t noticed already, Timeline has rolled out onto user accounts and Pages have followed, even on mobile. While there are still some people who resist, the positive outcome of this is that businesses have been “forced” to become more social by updating more frequently and filling out different sections of their Pages.

And don’t forget about measurement of your success. If you’re looking for more efficient ways to analyze your social media accounts, give Minilytics a try. This free tool gives suggestions about your brand reach, the best time to post and more.

Google Plus Gets More User Friendly?
When Google Plus first launched, Facebook fans argued that this network wasn’t as user friendly as their beloved Facebook. A prime example was that custom/vanity URLs were not available. This isn’t helpful for users or SEO friendly. Recently, this feature has been available to big brands and celebrities (like Taylor Swift). According to Google, this feature is free for now but that could change in the near future. Be on the look out to see if this feature rolls out to your page.

Concerned about your reputation? This post on the YOUmoz user blog shows an example of why you should be. Negative or positive reviews are more likely to be viewed at the top of your page if it’s left by a “verified Google Plus user”, even if it’s written by a disgruntled former employee. The key here isn’t to be afraid but to be aware of how to monitor brand mentions and combat that with positive reviews and other content.

Let us know if you’ve heard any interesting social media news lately and what your next course of action is!

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