Social Media for Lead Generation

Social media marketing has been and will always be an efficient way to spread the buzz about a business. But nowadays, that buzz might not be enough… which leads us to using social media marketing to actually generate leads. How you ask?! View the guide here and check out some highlights below:

Social media combined with personal recommendations makes lead generation viable on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Take a look at this Forrester Research survey on consumer trust in ads: 27% partipants trust sponsored search engine results, 32% believe what is on the company website while 70% believe what friends and family recommend! Word of mouth sure does travel and it really pays. Social media participation through Likes and comments bolster a company’s brand authority and trust level. In additional to the good signals they send to search engines, you really have nothing to lose by investing and engaging in social media.

What Type of Content to Share

The 80/20 rule of thumb, also known as the Pareto principle, states that for about 80% of effects come from 20% of the causes. Using the same thought process and numbers, this can be applied to social media marketing – 80% of the information you share should be informative while about 20% is promotional.

Other types of posts to consider those that: enhance your reputation, give fans exclusive access to something (newsletter, download, coupons), and promote giveaways/contests. These are usually the types of posts that get the most attention on social networking sites because people are looking for a reason to engage.

Social Media as an Extension of Your Website and Business’ Personality

Social media is about the fun and likable aspects of a brand but it also has to address your true business identity. And in that lieu of thinking, it’s only appropriate to address the use of ads on social sites. Ads on social networks are different than traditional ads but the same basic ideas are behind them. You’re trying to get customers to call, click, or buy but the way you present the ads is different. It appeals to a wider audience and isn’t just a blatant, boring ad. There has to be something else that’s integrated into a a compelling message with visually stimulating images. Social media allows businesses to showcase their value in natural and engaging way and the use of ads can certainly help. This is the perfect channel to grow your fan base and with that, your leads will follow.

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