How Closely is Social Tied to Blogging?

Blogging can no longer be seen as a standalone tactic for online marketing. In today’s changing internet landscape, blogs (on their own) have become less powerful than they have been in the past.

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So, why is it still necessary for businesses to blog? The nature of blogs has been geared towards social for many years now. Recent studies have shown just how powerful social networking is in spreading the word about your website content.

Here are a few ways blogging has become more closely tied to social media marketing:

1) Social shares – Social sharing is like a vote of confidence about the quality and authority of your blog post or webpage. All these years, the mantra for blogging has been to write for the reader, not search engines. The momentum of +1s, Shares and Likes is becoming increasingly correlated to well-ranking sites. Not only can we now take this piece of advice to heart, but there are concrete numbers and statistics that show just how effective that blog exposure is.

2) Interesting Topics – At this point, it’s VERY difficult to blog about a topic that hasn’t been discussed before. The key here is to write about your own take on something that hasn’t been dragged out to death. If you saw this topic on your News Feed, would you Like it? If you saw this in an email blast, would you click through? The key is to be creative as possible but at the same time realistic. You want to choose interesting topics with your unique point of view and bring something relatively new or different to the table.

3) User Engagement – Getting users to engage is easily seen through social shares. But what about the silent votes of confidence? Getting readers to stay on the page for longer and visit more pages before leaving, is a good sign that your content is grabbing their attention. Blogs have a notorious high bounce rate because they often target general, vague topics. It’s no wonder that readers leave right after landing. This is why it’s good to add variety, blog about local events, introduce your team members and write about your specific special interests. Think micro as well as macro.

4) Link Earning – Instead of buying, soliciting or generating links, social blogging has solidified the idea of link earning – that is, the idea that you have to work hard to earn your links. The same idea of link building applies, only it’s magnified and adjusted to today’s world of SEO. You want to create high quality content that others want to link to. You have to work hard to put in the effort to make your blog posts stand out and give people a reason to come, read, comment and share.

Blogging is evolving and social media is becoming a significant part of that change. In order to do both successful, don’t think that one can succeed without the other!

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