5 Ways Short Posts Can Help Your Business Blog

1) Keeps your blog active – Thinking of sitting down, researching and writing a 1000+ word blog is daunting and even boring. Instead of procrastinating and letting your blog die, keep reminding yourself that short posts are OK.

2) Be more reader friendly – If you don’t like writing long posts, imagine how fun it is to read a super-long post. Paired with short attention spans, readers are constantly being overwhelmed with new content.

3) Offers an inside look – Holiday party? Office meeting? Celebrating a birthday? A quick blurb paired with a picture or video gives readers an inside look at your business and shows your human side.

4) Increase share-ability – People love to Share, Pin, Tweet, and Like posts that are short, concise or fun. Things like lists (ahem), grumpy cats, and feel-good videos invite the most interaction.

5) Adds variety, everywhere! – Variety… the spice of life. Not only do writers and readers appreciate short posts, but it can also help your blog’s credibility in the eyes of search engines. Natural update patterns and post length varies and shouldn’t be written or linked the same way every time. It never hurts to mix things up once in awhile!

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