Would Your Website Make a Worthy Thanksgiving Meal?

thanksgiving dinner

It’s almost Thanksgiving, are you hungry yet? If thinking about dinner tomorrow night isn’t enough to excite you, I’ll do my best to make things interesting by comparing it to your website!

Turkey – At Thanksgiving, we all have turkey on the brain. Do you feel the same way about your website? You can look at a turkey as it represents your site as one whole entity. From a first impression, we can tell if a turkey is going to be delicious or disgusting. And that’s how quick potential customers will judge your site. While an attractive website is enticing, you’ll have to have real substance before customers want to move on or dig in any further.

Stuffing – A turkey dinner can’t be complete without stuffing and your website shouldn’t be complete without quality content. Would you say that your content is bland and mushy, or does it have unique seasonings that showcase great textures? Trust me, it would be truly disappointing to get a great slice of turkey only to find out it was paired with something that’s essentially inedible.

Cranberry sauce – When you think of cranberry sauce, does the image of a jellied log come to mind? Think of this element like your web design. Is it a boring template that looks like it literally fell out of a can? Or is it a rich layout with original features to accommodate your small business?

Mashed potatoes – Who doesn’t love mashed potatoes? Although this is a popular side dish, it really doesn’t cut it on its own. Social media marketing is like mashed potatoes in that it complements the main event of a meal – your website. Good mashed potatoes can make a great website even better. But have you ever been satisfied with tasty potatoes with lackluster turkey? I didn’t think so.

Dessert – The crème de la crème to round off your Thanksgiving meal. Think of dessert as your reason for keeping customers interested and bringing them back. Will your customers be back for another meal or will your forgettable website give them indigestion?

An internet marketing firm doesn’t just create websites. Think of a company as a helpful tool to create an attractive gateway to your business. And like a turkey, don’t forget that your website should truly be the star of your show. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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