SEO Keywords on Website

How do I incorporate specific keywords into my website?

There’s a simple answer and a complicated answer to this question.

First, the simple answer: Use those keywords anywhere in the text of your site. “Welcome to Purebred Dog Sitters” on your home page is an easy way to start (yes, we’re back to the pet analogy again). Use the specific search terms in describing your product or service anyplace text appears—even in the captions or file names of photographs or illustrations.

Use your keywords in the URLs of secondary web pages (those following the home page). These are on the highest level search engines look to determine relevance (even higher than the actual content of the text on those pages).

Now for the complicated answer, which begs another question: Which specific keywords?

If you’re asking this question because you want to use certain keywords another site owner may have already bid for in a Paid Search, your only option may be to out-bid that competitor.

But before you do that, consider whether those specific keywords are really the best (or the only) way to reach your prospects. The more general the terms, the more competition you’ll face in a bidding contest.

Sometimes, the most popular keywords aren’t the ones that will deliver real qualified prospects to your site.

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