Why doesn’t my website show up in search engine rankings?

Why doesn’t my website show up in search engine rankings?

This question can be dealt with on many different levels. At its most basic, it’s not any easier to get your website noticed by search engines than it would be to get customers to a store in the middle of nowhere, just by opening the door. Just as it takes an effective advertising campaign to draw customers into a store, there’s an analogous process for getting search engines to pay attention to your website. Accomplishing that goal is the reason why Search Engine Marketing was developed.

On a deeper level, there may be problems inherent in your website that make it difficult for search engines to find. As an example, one client came to us with an existing website that had been created almost completely as a collection of Photoshop elements. Even the text blocks were composed in Photoshop! The site looked beautiful, but there was virtually nothing in their site search engines could recognize. Search engines can only search through text, and if the text is technically a piece of artwork, every search engine in the world will pass it right by.

There is a process for submitting your website to search engines. Many companies offer this as a paid service, but it’s relatively easy to do. When a site is submitted, the search engine sends out a “spider” to review the site’s text and assign a mathematical value to the keywords appearing on your website.

A “spider” in this case isn’t an eight-legged creature; it’s a piece of software used to index all the pages on a site. Yahoo calls its spider the “Content Acquisition Program.” Although each search engine uses different algorithms to determine the relevance of a website’s content, the objective is the same: to find text within the site that correlates to a specific set of search terms.

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